Perch on the fin, eye and intestines

To find a nozzle is not a problem. Perch on the fin, eye and intestines of the perch ... already desolate ... (this is for ladies and animal defenders).

Sometimes, on forest peat lakes, the choice of a nozzle can cause shock, at least for exalted young ladies, if any. But imagine that the angler forgot the worms ... well, it happened that I forgot the worms, and the time is most perch, but there is no nozzle. It should also be borne in mind that when a large predator begins to take, all the small fish prefer not to catch the eye of large-bred messirs. So, the bite of a potential bait at such a time is always worse. Winter pike-zharlichniks are also aware of this. They can sell a soul in a pike zhor for live bait, or at least a bottle ...

So, even with the naked ear you can hear something gurgling and somewhere in the reeds, and then suddenly it collapses with the sonorous rockfall of many terrified tails. They themselves are predators, but they are fleeing from their hunchbacked fellow monster, literally, only the noise is ... What is there to catch live bait? These lakes are sometimes almost deserted. A couple of worms, “For Christ’s sake, ” no one to ask. Since it was supposed to catch live bait perches on a white mormyshka with a worm tail, the tackle was ready. I am trying to draw a mormyshka along the coastal dodges without a nozzle, with short twitches and stops, but the perch does not respond to the naked blende. Although it is already autumn ... I break the old stump and find in it the only and nondescript insect larva. I hook it on the hook of the “sheep’s” and now I am more actively rinsing the snag along the snags and coastal grass. But bites never happen. It is likely that there is simply no perch in this creek. Here it is necessary to clarify that many peat inter-dune lakes have low banks, often consisting of turf lying on the weave of roots and grasses. There is water beneath these low shores, and often the lake still extends five meters below the shore. In such shady shelters a perch stands, often black and almost purple, on which you will not see stripes either. Nearby, on the sands and in water lilies, it can already be kept quite light and striped. But all these perch stick to the coastline. Local people showed me how to catch perches on such lakes.

They came here ten kilometers from the nearest village on bicycles to catch perch. While I was dismaying and waving the long “telescope” from the boat, one blond woman with a meter twig dragged from under the shore the weighty “Congolese”. At the same time, he maliciously and white-toothed was grinning in the shadow of a branchy pine. But all the same, I later caught him, which caused the respect of the local Gavrosh. The kid was doing everything right: he carefully walked along the shore and threw the worm into all the coves encountered, especially where the fresh fallen tree lay or the firewood was lying. If the perches stood here, the little fisherman pulled out almost all of them. But his catch, while running, was passive. He simply threw a hook with a worm and waited for the cork float to whirl under the water. I, having adopted the basic principle of fishing, added to this “method” a small white mormyshka and a nozzle wiring with game elements, as far as possible with a float. When the mormyshka with the worm began to move and swim some of its paths, the perches began to grab twice as excitement. The game Dummy began to attract not only the "darkies" of individuals who live near the shore, but the "white man" neighbors peeking out from under the egg capsules and hornwort. Naturally, more fish began to come across.

But back to today's perches

So, the tree larva on the hook of mormyshka. But perch is not a chub or ide. Whether this predator will be interested in him, a predator ">

I hooked my eyes on the first perch ... already removed ... (This is for ladies and animal defenders). He pulled out and threw it to the same log. Perch pecked even worse. The eye was an order of magnitude stronger than the larva, but when he was worn out, he went into the second nozzle. But it ends. Do not take my eyes out of potential bait, the meaning of fishing is lost. From the classics of fishing literature, of course, I knew that in those simple times, fish was caught for everything, including cut fish, fins, guts. I didn’t do the cutting, but I fastened the fin. Biting, striped! .. And on gut perches also takes fun, cannibal! Since then, I know that to find a nozzle on forest lakes is not a problem. Would be at hand a snag, a piece of fishing line and a half meter twig. And a float can be made in five minutes from a piece of pine bark ...