Pike at the end of summer

Catching pikes at the end of summer for spinning and vents, what ended up being more productive?

It got colder. A red leaf fell onto the water, birch forests on the islands became gilded, and the water turned blue in the ducts, in contrast to the pale sky in the haze. The wind coming from the Volga, not sparing, tears the foliage from the shallow forest, but under the steep grazers it merely wrinkles the water, transparent to tear, covered with a carpet of sheet leaf.

On the island we check first of all mushroom places

Last autumn, an islet - a former forest - was generously given away by strong boletus mushrooms that stood at a distance of five to ten meters from our campfire. Now, apparently, early. There is not a single mushroom, despite the past rains. Either the season is not yet, or the year is not fruitful, or luck awaits elsewhere.

On three boats we go out to the channel - whip, stretch with spinning rods

About an hour and a half is spent on this active, but rather empty lesson. All caught only one perch. From time to time we gather together: to smoke, to have a gloomy spread: “Well, how”>

In front of my eyes, a small “saltwater” scavenger, which defiled peacefully over still water, suddenly swept in splashes, and then disappeared, as if it weren’t there ... It seems that the predator was eating off for free on the lagulosis-infected fish furrowing on top. Yes, this is clearly not Akhtuba, where reeds are teeming with hungry fish, and where it is so convenient to make spectacular films about fishing. It seems that in those blessed places, put a “roe” from the nose or something “simpler” easier, and bite, bite her, bite ...

Bile thoughts spoil the mood, but there is still evening and morning ahead, something needs to be invented, contrived. We decide to go to the mouth of the Rutka rivulet, where still there are still flooded dead trees, and under the water on a sunny morning lying trunks are visible with outstretched greened boughs-tentacles. As if a giant octopus was hiding at the bottom, and was waiting for a frivolous fisherman on a fragile boat, that is, on a rubber “single”. There you can get acquainted with his friend and his friends kikimory. You look at the light and the water looks. In a word, these places are not simple ...

For some reason, the predator of Rutka was also in no hurry to go out to our baits.

- Have a bite ?! - Waving from a rubber boat Pashka. He is a fan of all kinds of snacks for any reason. Something flashed in Pashkin’s hand, and we realized that it really would not hurt to “kill the worm”. Moreover, there’s nothing to do anyway, except to work out spinning throws, unsuccessfully whipping sleepy water, still green in color.

A moment of ringing and earnest came. Under an old alder tree trembling with leaves, a tablecloth made of polyethylene was spread on the bank. The shmat of smoked bacon flopped onto a disposable plate, cut it into large chunks, and a pink flesh lit up in the sun crying with fragrant fat. They covered the salsa with greens and onion turnips. Boiled potato steamed, sugaring at kinks and butting with crispy salted cucumbers. They took a hundredth of fire, and warmed up in the soul.

“Good, ” Seryoga remarked thoughtfully, blowing smoke into the whitish faded sky.

They took a little more, had a bite to eat tightly and - again on the water, though lifeless, but under the influence of soft hops, which became mysterious and promising. And as if in the energy of this warm feeling some kind of confidence and desire came to look for this elusive fish, to do something and check, to tease a predator.

Near the coast I spend a small slug along the grass itself, since there are almost no hooks due to the fact that the offset hook is hidden in the “body” of the vibro-tail half-worm. At the exit from the grass, someone accompanied the bait all the time, but there were no gripes. I hooked up a small white Neman squirrel with a notch-scale and began to draw it along the coastal burdock. Hit! Almost beneath the boat, a small pike caught a lure. Without ceremony, I pull it out and - at kukan. Soon the lure was seduced by another pike, and then the Neman grabbed a perch. I saw him, a small one, in the calm water of a creek, and suddenly he disappeared, and the tackle was filled with half-pound weight. The water boiled, and a large pike entered the fishing line, taking it to the perch. She spotted unreliably, and most likely, held the perch with her teeth. A couple of strong jerks, and the fishing line weakened, and perspiration appeared on my face ... Sergey saw everything that was happening, lying in the boat and blissfully blowing smoke into the sky. He fussed, clutching at the spinning, then at the oars ...

For the rest of the time, we caught a pike on the old tested girders, and they reliably brought prey.