Universal coil "Nelma KP64"

Detailed description of the fishing reel "Nelma KP64". For what qualities the fisherman already liked the reel.

The universal reel "Nelma KP64" for fishing in the summer and winter is the company "Russnast". The smallest and lightest of the range of such coils - this is how you can briefly characterize this product of the company. In addition, the new product, along with the positive changes introduced, preserves the previously achieved qualities, for which anglers have already fallen in love with the reel. These are: the presence of easy running, durability, strength and reliability . The spool is fixed using the original hard stopper. The lever changes occur without much effort, gently, and with a clear stop. The setting of the force with which the lever switches the stopper is changed very simply by bending the spring.

This reel is best suited for fishing, where the main requirements for the reel are: compactness, lightness, power and easy movement . The Nelma KP64 coil meets all this requirement. It can be used on summer fishing for float and side fishing rods, as well as for sheer flashing on ice and open water. The presence of a small gap between the spool and the body allows fishing with thin fishing line, but the reel is able to withstand large fish weighing up to 10 kg using a thick fishing line and a braided cord.

The spool of the reel accommodates a maximum scale of 60 meters of fishing line with a thickness of 0.4 mm and 100 meters of fishing line with a diameter of 0.3 mm. The coil is made by one-piece method of high-strength steel using an aircraft alloy. The Nelma KP64 coil weighs 75 grams, has 2 sealed ball bearings with a stainless coating with an outer diameter of the spool of 64 mm and a diameter of 48 mm when wound. The so-called spool brook width is 13 mm. The color scheme of the coil includes colors: khaki, gold, chrome.

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