Catching roach on bait fish with bait

The funky money of the first ice went away, when most of the fish were active and gambling, pecking at almost all daylight hours. This autumn dash of fish folk did not last long. As soon as the ice became thicker and covered with a white sheet of snow, it became stuffy and dark under the ice. And closer is the period that fishermen call the "deaf-earth." It is the middle of winter and the fish at this time is usually sluggish, passive, especially the so-called “white” fish: bream, silver bream, roach. But in December, successful fishing still happens, especially if you choose the right gear, bait and bait. But it is also very important at this time to have a warm and light hat, preferably protecting your face from the frosty wind.

Bait fishing

As already mentioned, the period is near when the middle of winter will cause lack of fish due to darkness, lack of oxygen and light under a thick layer of ice and snow. And now the roach is becoming very cautious, not even the largest. Therefore, during this period, miniature tooling and bait are preferable.

Fishing spots

The choice of place now needs to be done, focusing on the depth. Most often, roaches and especially large ones should now be sought at depths of 5-7 meters.

In stagnant water bodies, it is best to choose a place at the flowing rivers and streams, in their mouths, as well as in the thickets of reeds on a slope in depth. In reservoirs it is necessary to stop in areas with a small current and an uneven bottom, which can be determined by an echo sounder. It is best to feed the points found in advance, if possible, for several days. Then the chances of success will be much greater.

Fishing rod

The fishing rods are best used with the set of stop-legs . Roach quite often is interested in a fixed mormyshka with a nozzle, and there are days when the bite “on a stand” is the best. Therefore, they put the fishing rod on the legs of the hole, looking impatiently at the nod and warming its hands in spacious warm gauntlets. Moreover, such a predisposition of roach to fixed bait sometimes forces you to go fishing with a winter fishing rod with a hook and sinker, everything is like a summer fishing rod - the hook is below, and the sinker is 8-10 cm higher . Therefore, such winter gear should always be in stock for winter fishing of roaches.


The nod should be soft and fairly long - 10-12 cm . Dacron nods are commonly used. Such sensitive nods go well with thin fishing lines with a diameter of 0.07-0.08 cm and small mormyshki, no larger than 2.5 mm in diameter. Usually it is silver tungsten mormyshki or silvered in the shape of a pear or round.


For bait, sandwiches from Chernobyl and bloodworms are very successfully used. These miracle baits have already been discussed in my articles (for example, here). Often these bait give the best result. But to collect the Chernobyl, frankly, is a laborious task. We have to crawl through the snow, looking for wormwood-Chernobyl, and then break and cut the stems of wormwood, carefully removing the larvae that are not found in every stalk. This process can be made more comfortable if you devote some time only to collecting wormwood. Tie up the collected stems, load them into a car and bring them home, so that later in the warmth and sitting by the TV, they pick out the larvae. Then the larvae are stored in a refrigerator in a dry box with pieces of wormwood.

Roach bait

An important role is played by winter bait in roach fishing. The most productive bait will be the bait of the place for several days. Soroga is definitely suitable here. If fishing is planned one-time, for a day, it is best to arrive at the place as early as possible, even in the dark, and immediately start feeding the holes at different depths, but not less than 3 meters. It is best if it is the border of the upper edge of the relative shallow water and the riverbed or dump into the pit, if fishing will occur on the reservoir. In search of roaches, one often has to walk a lot on the ice, sit by the hole in a piercing wind. Therefore, you need light and warm winter clothes.

The bait is selected winter and is best specifically for roaches, and not universal. This can be a well-known ready-made mixture or home-made simple bait from Salapa porridge with the addition of branded bait. In bait, you should always add small bloodworms and maggots, that is, those animal ingredients that are most suitable for winter and are currently used as bait. And this is most often the case - bloodworms and maggots. You can use the Chernobyl, it’s even better, but no fisherman’s hand will rise to add it to the bait. It can be said a precious bait. (winter bait recipe)

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