Spring stick

How I catch this fish in the spring.

When they ask me which of the fish I prefer to catch in the spring, I, without hesitation, answer what the bleak is. And the point here is not that with some skill and experience, bleak can be caught so much that the whole loggia will be bequeathed with this small fish, which rarely exceeds 15 centimeters. This is to me that bleak is especially good when dried, although I manage to fry it and add it to the perch with a ruff for the fish soup.

Catching the bleak is simple, but in this simplicity lies the main difficulty. The thing is that bleak is very fast and active, so it’s worthwhile to hesitate with hooking, as you can safely bite the bait. But, from experience, I’ll say that if the first hooking failed, you should wait a little, at least a minute, as the bleak can re-attack the hook. In addition, bleak is a flock of fish, which means that the population has a very tough struggle for food, so if the first hooking was unsuccessful, there is every chance to count on a bite of the second, or even the third fish. It’s not so easy to catch bleak. The difficulty is that you need to complete the hooking in a timely manner, I already wrote about this, but the hooking itself must be of high quality: not rigid, but elastic, fast, and in amplitude - as short as possible. All this is because bleak has weak lips, therefore, a sharp cut will simply break the lips and will disappear.

Of the nozzles for bleaching, I most often use small maggot and bloodworms. But this does not mean at all that bleak does not peck on other bait. For example, you can quite successfully catch bleak on a piece of a worm. And if you managed to catch a fly - this is the best bait for bleak.

Naturally, the tackle for bleak should be as thin and gentle as possible, sensitive. That is why, the usual float fishing rod with 1-2 pellets and a small hook is considered to be the best tackle for fishing. In my practice, I do not use a leash, since the main fishing line is quite thin.

I catch bait on the Oka and Volga, where in the spring hundreds of fishermen go to the pier, where the main fishing is from. At the same time, the depth is set to 1 maximum 2 meters, although the fishing spot itself has impressive depths. The thing is that bleak in rare cases sinks to the bottom. Many fishermen ask me whether it is obligatory to take a fishing rod with rings for bleeding, perhaps fishing on a rod without rings will be more successful "> about spring fishing). All the best to you.