Strange Perch Tackle

Now I’ll tell you how I used to catch roach, perch and rudd from the bottom, right from the thickets of aquatic vegetation. Of course, if you follow my notes, you could already notice such tackle as summer side nod, sheer fishing methods and some others. But this tackle is interesting in that it is similar in some ways and duplicates an ordinary donka without a leash, and on the other hand, thanks to some tricks and refinement, it is perfectly possible to catch the above-mentioned fish using the fishing method using an ordinary telescopic fishing rod without a float and nod . At the same time, you will stay with the fish for sure, and at the beginning of using the gear, you will experience a huge delight from the sensation of a bite in your hand. Those of the fishermen who have been fishing for more than one year are well aware of this feeling, when you are no longer waiting for a bite, forgot, all the movements are carried out automatically, and ... as soon as you grab it, suddenly, as if something were hitting your hand. What can I say, nice.

So, just describe the tackle. On the main fishing line at the very bottom you need to fix the sinker, tie a hook at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the sinker so that it stings upward. In principle, this could have been stopped. But I (the excitement of the experiment took up) went further: just above and below the hook, I tied the wool and thin spangles (tinsel), completely hiding the hook in them. The result is a small ball that plays in all colors in the water, luring a curious fish. Add to this the fact that there is bait on the hook and the fish feel it. When playing and tapping on the bottom, turbidity rises, wool and sparkles play and somewhere among all this there is still bait. Naturally, the fish didn’t immediately approach such gear, but when she came up and felt that there was something nutritious in the thick, she grabbed the bait clearly, it only remained to carefully pull the trophy ashore.

To make the tackle more natural, you can simply roll algae from the same reservoir in the area above and below the hook. The plus is that the fish is not afraid of such gear at all. But there is also a minus - to remove algae from the fishing line (they are, as it were, wound up during the fishing process) after fishing is not so simple. On the other hand, you must always sacrifice something to get a result. In this case, these are not so big and minuses, because the catch in the cage will please anyone. Give it a try. Good luck to you.