Roach on corn

The article describes a fishing morning and entertaining fishing. Spicy corn and greedy roach biting.


Here, finally, a pause between endless rains. The sky from dirty gray turned dark crimson at sunset, peering out from the torn clouds, and then turned into delicate greenery above the pink streak of evening dawn. And now, in the summer, you don’t understand, the evening dawn flashed or the morning dawned. But the fact that the weather improved, was visible at sunset.

Tell one of the feeder professionals that you have already thawed and frozen the bait several times, I'm afraid they will laugh. But what if you cook a “salapinka” in the evening, and you wake up fishing not from the squeak of a mobile alarm clock, but from the sound of rain on the roof. And so - every time you barely get ready for fishing. I specially bought Bonduelle corn, flavored it generously with an attractant with a Roach spray from Akara and put it in the refrigerator. I went through the flavoring in advance due to the fact that the jar, where the corn was laid out, was from under the "Hrenodera". There is such a snack in stores, reminiscent of a homemade horseradish snack. And the smell of this “horseradiator” could not be etched by anything, except, as it turned out, an attractant. But with my long fishing camp, corn also came to bed.

And then came the clear morning that I had been waiting for so long. But it was cold and there was fog on the roofs. It smelled of sharp freshness, as if it were late autumn. Leaving the house, I walked along the damp grass, which, to the frost, seemed to lack a little. So much for summer. Okay, away boring thoughts, go fishing!

He returned to the house, packed his backpack, took out a thawed bait. Will go. I’ll freshen it with branded bait from Dunaev and Roach roach spray (roach). He took out the Bonduelle corn, sniffed it, and grimaced. Obviously not the first freshness. But there’s nothing to choose from. Where to buy fresh corn now? In addition, the smell of attractant is persistent.

On the river

So, I'm on the river. After the rains there was clearly more water, and it was cloudy, like in a flood. Poorly. Our small river is capricious and unpredictable. It contains both bream and large roach, But how to take it with the capricious nature of a river? And then there's still muddy water.

Today I bet on the scammer. Therefore, from the bait, I have dung worms and maggot of two types - white and red, colored. I am assembling my tried and tested Akara Experience Feeder L1235 TX feeder with tests 60-90-120. Now I have it in the role of an average feeder - a medium. The green quivertype is standing. Well, the corresponding feeder is 50 grams. I think that's enough with the weight of the bait. This feeder is long-range. And here, on the bank of a small rivulet, one must be careful not to throw the feeder to the opposite bank. The main thing is to make the first cast correctly, and there is the cord in the clip and just watch the casting direction.

Casting ... Right on target. Just under the tree lying on that side, but not in the snag that lies there at the bottom, but in front of it. The bottom topography has already been verified at the cost of more than one feeder ...

It remains to wait for a bite with a sinking soul. This expectation is sweet. The eye vigilantly guards every jolt and quivertype tremor. The vertex nods just about and leans back from the smooth bite of the scavenger fish. But an hour passed. And during this time there was not a single bite. Finally, the empty wait bothers me, and I decide to check my dump corn. Going home anyway. After casting the feeder, the vertex immediately leaned back, and then nodded aggressively and often. The cut! Roach ... No, just two! One, however, is quite small.

Large roach pecked. Not often, but true. And I just couldn’t understand why she was so interested in spoiled corn ">