A brief overview of some motors

Reviews of outboard motors Mercury 3.3 M, Parsun F2.6 BMS and Parsun T3.6 BMS.

Mercury Outboard Motor 3.3 M

One of the most famous companies producing high-quality outboard motors for anglers, hunters and tourists is Mercury Marine. She has been a leader for over sixty years.

Mercury engines are easy to operate, maintain and durable, in particular, the Mercury 3.3 M outboard engine. Despite the modest power indicators, small boats move under this engine quickly and safely, easily passing over the shallows, which is facilitated by the ability to adjust the slope of the engine. The motor is equipped with electronic ignition. The tiller allows you to rotate the motor 360 degrees. In an accident, when the captain drops out of the boat, the engine shuts off if appropriate settings are made.

The Mercury 3.3 M two-stroke engine runs on gasoline, to which oil is added. The engine is versatile in the use of fuel and is equipped with a system that prevents fuel leakage. As an anti-corrosion measure, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and several layers of varnish are used. A variety of factory-made propellers can be installed on the Mercury 3.3 M engine.

The power of the Mercury 3.3 M motor on the propeller shaft is 3.3 in horsepower and 2.5 in kW. The number of revolutions at the maximum open throttle is 4200-5200 rpm. The engine has 1 cylinder. Displacement in cc - 74.6. The cylinder diameter and piston stroke in mm is 47 × 43.

Engine water cooling. Conditions for reversing are achieved by turning the tiller 360 degrees. The volume of the integrated fuel tank is 1.4 liters. The engine is equipped with a plastic 3-blade propeller with an inch pitch of 6-7. A transom for the specified motor is allowed at least 381 mm.

The engine weighs 14 kg. As fuel, AI-92 gasoline and TC-W3 two-stroke engine oil are recommended.

Outboard motor Parsun F2.6 BMS

These outboard motors, whose name translates as "sail", are also known and popular with fishermen and tourists. Their qualities are reliability, ease of operation, corrosion resistance and durability. Engines can be called analogues of the Japanese company Yamaha, but at the same time they are much cheaper. In the Russian market, Parsun F2.6 BMS outboard motors are presented in a version adapted to our conditions, which is what the official representative of this company in Russia is concerned about. It is a compact engine that is easy to transport in any vehicle. In addition, this outboard motor can be called universal, because it can be installed on any small boat, if it has a transom. These can be small hull and inflatable PVC vessels, yachts, canoes, skiffs, kayaks and even fishing board scows.

Quite silent, these outboard motors are the best suited for trolling. The engine is equipped with electronic ignition, which ensures its quick start.

Leg length corresponds to - S (standard).

The engine belongs to a four-stroke carburetor type, single-cylinder with a cylinder displacement of 72, cubic meters. cm and the piston stroke - 54x31 mm.

Transom height - 381 mm

The engine weighs 18 kg

Revolutions in various modes - 4000-5000, rpm

The volume of the gas tank is - 1.2 l

Reverse - FN

Management - Manual

Start - Manual

Power is - 2.6 hp

Outboard motor Parsun T3.6 BMS

The Parsun T3.6 BMS engine is a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.6 l / s. The engine capacity is 74.6 cm3. The number of revolutions in different modes is 4200-5300 rpm. At idle - 1450 - 1550 rpm.

The cooling system is forced-water. Outboard water is used. The cylinder and piston stroke parameters are 1.85 x 1.69 inches.

To control and turn the tiller is used. The system for starting the engine can be manual and electronic.

Engine weight - 17kg. Recommended transom height - 432 mm. Screw Parameters - 3-7 1/4 x 6 inches. The gear ratio of the gearbox is 2.08 (27/13). Built-in fuel tank holds - 1.8l.

In addition, the engine has a system that protects against excessive vibration, as well as an oil level indicator located conveniently and accessible to the shipowner.