Fishing for burbot

How to catch cunning Nizhny Novgorod autumn burbot fishing rods? Fishing technique. Bait.

The traditional ideas about fishing for burbot for showers and other donks are undergoing changes to some extent, at least Nizhny Novgorod fishermen already catch burbot with fishing rods in early October, and fishing does not necessarily take place at night.

As it turned out, the most active burbot biting on the Volga, according to Nizhny Novgorod, is from 18 to 21 hours. If we recall fishing on our small rivers, then the first bites of burbot for showers start usually in the autumn at nine in the evening. And the greatest activity of the predator manifests itself at eleven o'clock in the morning. Then, as a rule, there follows a slight decline in activity and somewhere around midnight the burbots again begin to take. After three in the morning, bites become less and less, and then completely stop. As soon as dawn dawns, we can say that burbot fishing is complete. True, such a fishing schedule is not always guaranteed and unchangeable. Sometimes burbots come across before nine in the evening, as soon as it starts to get dark. And in the morning hours bites happen. But all these, so to speak, violations of the regulations are probably related to the weather and water temperature. On moonless dark nights, when the temperature of autumn water reaches already winter temperatures, the night predator's exit to feeding may be in the earlier hours, as already mentioned, will barely begin to get dark.

So, how do the ingenious Nizhny Novgorod autumn burbot fishing rods ">

Burbot on side fishing rods or on short spinning rods

No less effective is catching burbot on side fishing rods or on short spinning rods in a plumb line. The principle of such fishing is to choose the right place where the edge between the slope in the pit and the roll is likely to be a catchy place. Here you should drop anchors and stand across the stream on anchor halyards stretched in the form of extensions. Usually they use one cable tether with anchors at the ends. When the anchors are lowered to the bottom, the cable is attached at two points on the boat. For a more accurate hit on the edge, you can pull on the anchor cable in one direction or another.

In addition to bait in such places near the pit, you can use heavy baits. These are massive oscillating spinners, for example, masters, and large mormyshki. With a high density of burbot in this place, the predator often falls on baits without a cutting nozzle and tulka. But where there is not much burbot, it’s better to plant a fresh tyulka on mormyshka or spoon-bait. The fishing technique also consists of fumbling the bait on the ground and hitting it on the bottom.

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