All the tricks of feeding a slingshot

The basic rules for feeding a carp point with a slingshot. How and when to feed a point using a slingshot when fishing for carp.

With targeted fishing for cyprinids you need to constantly maintain a fishing point fed. As you know, even a small carp eats a day the amount of food in volume equal to its own weight. Thus, in 6 hours, eight two-kilogram carps sailing to the point are able to eat 4 kg of bait, which is approximately equal in volume to the usual starting feeding. If we take into account the presence of other fish on the point and the erosion of the bait along the bottom, then after three to four hours the bait practically does not attract new fish and is not able to hold on to the point of arrived carps. Part of the problem is solved by using different-fraction and different-in-time dissolving ingredients. But in practice, to maintain the point in working condition, it must be periodically supplemented.

Additional feeding can be carried out using spomb, feeding boat and slingshot.

The first method is used at fishing distances of more than 80-100 m. It requires the purchase of a special spomb fishing rod with a test of at least 3 ounces and a large “spomb” feeder. Feeding boat can be used in any conditions, but its cost greatly limits the possibility of using an ordinary fisherman. The most budgetary option is to feed using a slingshot. Good designs make it possible to accurately feed at distances of up to 70-80 m.

For feeding in this way, the working mixture should not be friable.

Dense balls with a diameter of 5-7 cm should be made from it.

This can be done manually or with the help of a special device - "charlechka". Too large balls, although they will be placed in the basket of the slingshot, but will fly closer due to the high aerodynamic drag. The bait ball should lie freely in the basket.

To make the bait sticky, you can use molasses or other sweet liquids. A test shot will show the correct preparation of the bait.

If the ball flies in the air, then it is either too large or the bait is too loose. If everything is done correctly, then you can feed the point in 10-15 minutes. The frequency of feeding depends on the intensity of the bite and the energy value of the applied bait. It should be supplemented on average every 3-4 hours.

That's all the tricks of feeding a slingshot, NNCH.

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