Pike in winter: baubles or bait fish

All pros and cons, if any ...

In winter, you can catch a pike at almost any time. Naturally, there are periods when this predator ceases to take at all (for each region and a specific reservoir - this is its own defined interval), but for the most part, catching pike in winter is not the most difficult task. Especially if the fisherman knows the physiology and behavior of this fish.

What do pike fish catch in winter?

It is not difficult to find out that in the winter the pike is caught by several generally accepted methods, most of which have been known since ancient times: winter zherlitsa, for bait, for snap. There are also exotic ones (especially in the last 15-30 years) - winter open-water jig and some others that I didn’t even put into practice (that's why I don’t write about them).

If you carefully follow my notes, then you have already read the description of how to catch pike in winter (if not, read here): both on mugs (regular and modernized), and using spinners (for sheer spinning, on balancers, on summer spinners). And everything would be fine, but often they ask me what kind of bait it is still better to catch a pike in the winter: on live bait or by the method of spinning from a hole.

Oddly enough, but with such questions I always ask a counter question:

“And how do you catch pike in the summer, in most cases?”

Look, in the summer we jig, catch on wobblers and other artificial baits - and all is well. This means that in winter this method is quite justified, even to a greater extent, since the fisherman has a great opportunity to drill where the pike should be (pits, shallows, debris, depth differences, reeds, etc.).

Natural bait, on the other hand, is a win-win for pike fishing . And if the place is correctly chosen and the gear is set up, the bite will definitely be. But the minus of live bait is that it needs to be caught, saved, periodically changed (see how to save live bait here), and fishing to some extent is tied to a certain point. That is why in my practice I use both mugs and a winter fishing rod with a bauble. Having set the circles in interesting places, I begin to catch other areas with the help of a spinner, which logically increases my chances of catching pike. There have been cases when there was no bite on live bait, but on the bait came toothy, and vice versa.

My opinion is that if you are going to catch a pike from the ice, you need to take both gear and combine them without fail . Only in this case can we hope for success. All the best to you.