Pike in late autumn

Pike in late autumn, what and how to catch? In the article, I will tell you what lures I use for pike fishing in late autumn and how to properly conduct them.

The off-season time, which is a transitional period between late autumn and winter, often negatively affects the activity of underwater predators, including pike. But if you select the right gear, bait fishing tactics and strategy, then it will be too early to close the season.

What does late fall require of a fisherman?

Late autumn requires several other gear and lures. During this period, heavier and larger baits are used. This applies to spinners, wobblers, and foam sponges, in a word, all artificial lures that are used to catch pike on the eve of winter. Therefore, spinning test indicators can reach 50 g. Usually these are fishing rods with a test of 20-50 g.

Why use big lures?

Why is such a seemingly overestimated “lifting capacity” of the spinning and the value of the spinner or twister needed? The fact is that the autumn fish now seeks not to grassy shallow waters, where in summer there was a lot of food and heat for silver fines and, accordingly, a fertile food base for all predators. No, with cooling, the entire aquatic creature now leaves for deep places, where most fish from the cyprinid family will be in wintering pits until spring. And only roach, silver bream, bream will be actively fed, and even then with periods of extinction of the bite and with some of its improvements in clear weather and even pressure.

Harness fishing lures

Late in late autumn, the pike is quite active and ready to attack any sick or sluggish fish. She also takes at a depth, on the brow near the wintering pits, on the stretches and in the whirlpools, where there is depth and reverse flow, in snag and stony placers. But everywhere now, deep bottom wiring is required, which is possible for heavy and large oscillating baits, large wobblers diving to a depth of about three meters, heavy jig baits, pilkers, three-sided baits, large castmaster. All these baits, except for wobblers, are used for bottom wiring, which is called stepped .

The essence of the wiring is two to three revolutions of the coil when winding the line and pause, the time of which can be extended and shortened. The desired mode is found experimentally. But often the majority of pike's grip falls on a pause when the bait or jig lies at the bottom. Or the pike is enough to lift the bait from the bottom.

Spinner for late autumn pike

Well, what about spinners ">

All morning I tested different silicone baits, including worms and a leash. But only once did something stop the bait, or the hook, or the uncertain pike ... And when I was already starting to get home, I suddenly saw a spinner in the box. But what if you put it? It was an ordinary summer turntable, but I fastened a load of “fildu” above it and right there on the wiring at the bottom there was a grip of pike ... Since then I have been using this method of turntable loading in late autumn.