Catching with lapdog, bait

The Bologna fishing rod is most often used when fishing on the course, so the physical properties of the bait and the tactics of feeding should be suitable for these conditions.

A lot has been written about fishing with the Bologna fishing rod, and we already wrote, so I won’t repeat myself, but will talk about one very interesting way of feeding on a strong current. By the way, this is exactly the case when the sports method of feeding can be quite successfully used in amateur fishing. They came up with it in Italy, in fact, like the Bologna fishing rod itself.

In strong currents, even with the addition of heavy soil, not a single bait can stay in place. Italian fishermen found a witty way out of the situation.

In order for us to be fully armed before fishing in a strong current, we will need: clay, a plastic or iron pipe of suitable diameter, maggot and some classic bait. We knead the clay to the state of plasticine, coat it with a pipe and let it dry a little, after which we carefully pull out the pipe. It turns out a clay tube, which must be sawn into several small (5-7 cm) segments. From one end we fill up the tube with a bait already prepared by this time, i.e. make a kind of cork, pour it inside the maggot and make the second cork from the bait. It turns out a kind of clay cylinder filled with maggot.

Immediately falling to the bottom, the bait erodes over time, and the maggot is washed out of the cylinder, forming a train of larvae creeping along the bottom. By the way, such tubes can be done for the future. And in strong currents, their length can be increased to 20 cm and bent by a crescent. Such a curved tube at the bottom will always lie down with a mustache with the stream, and the filling will not wash out too quickly. Try it, you won’t regret it!

By the way, do not forget to make a correction when throwing bait on the course, and the stronger the course, the greater the correction.

If we talk about the classic way of feeding with balls, then for river fishing, add a significant proportion of weighting ballast to the bait (fishing grounds); You can use special glue for bait or other effective binders so that it is more slowly washed away by the flow.

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