Homemade trolling targa

How and from what to make a targu for trolling with your own not very skillful hands?

First, let's return to the article published earlier on the site and clarify what targa is and why this device is needed. Targa is used in trolling on several spinning rods at the same time. Despite the rather wicked claims about such a redneck fishing method, we must admit that you can understand trolling players who catch not on a small river and small lake, but on huge lakes such as Ladoga and similar large lakes. In addition, such fishing is practiced at sea. The reason for using several spinning rods is in the very large area of ​​fish search, where filtering water with one bait will be an empty and expensive task. If on a familiar reservoir, where the edges of the Volozhka and the fairway of the main channel are known, it is enough to go to such an edge and move along it, guided by an echo sounder, then in a huge unfamiliar reservoir, the search can take more than one day.

What is targa?

Targa is a frame made of various materials on which holders for spinning rods are mounted. Usually these are tubes mounted on a frame, which in turn is mounted on a boat or boat. Homemade products are often used on small PVC boats.

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Homemade Targa

For the manufacture of targa at home, the simplest materials are often used, often ordinary rubbish lying in the garage, trimming various pipes, in short, everything that would seem to be immediately taken to the trash. Sometimes targu is made of wooden parts, then impregnating the tree with water-repellent fluids and varnishing. Despite the strange appearance, it must be recognized that polished wooden parts are also used on expensive boats. On the contrary, they emphasize the luxury of decoration. And let the targa look like furniture here, the main thing would work. And it didn’t cost a lot of money, like welded structures made of stainless metals. In addition, the weight of the structure is of great importance. And the wooden parts weigh a little.

But most often, a scheme is used where ordinary plumbing parts are used, for example, PVC pipes of suitable diameters for nests for spinning rods. Such nests-cups made of PVC pipes make the weight of the boat much easier when compared with stainless steel cups. At the same time, modern materials from new durable plastics are not inferior in strength to metal parts, at least for trolling fishing.

In order to make a targu with your own not very skillful hands, you need a number of fairly simple tools. It is necessary to prepare a hacksaw for metal, the so-called "grinder", mechanical and electric drills, probably, grinding wheel and vise services will be required.

Caprolon is often used as a material, which, being a light material, is slightly inferior in strength to metal. Therefore, to cut caprolon, you will need a "grinder" or a hacksaw for metal. Typically used are caprolon pipes, the diameter of which is about fifty millimeters. Two side frames and an upper frame are assembled from them, on which glasses for spinning are attached. Frames are assembled using bent aluminum pipes, which are tightly plugged into pipes. Also, various plumbing fittings and PVC pipes are widely used for joints. The installation of glasses, cut from the same pipes and covered with plugs, is simply done using various clamps that are tightened with bolts with nuts, and preferably lamb, which makes the structure quickly disassembled and assembled, which is important when transporting the boat and targa and for timely start fishing.

Targis are mounted on the boat using the so-called “five-copeck coins” made of durable rubber and glued to the cylinders with good waterproof glue. Such "five-copeck coins" are usually ordered in online stores. You can make yourself similar fasteners, but factory “five-copeck coins" are more functional. Therefore, do not come up with a bicycle.

Welded targs are mainly used on large boats and boats.

Such structures can be welded in your garage using a welding machine or ordered by craftsmen here in garages. Keep in mind that there will no longer be an opportunity to adjust the angle of the glasses. Therefore, you must initially choose the right angle. The glasses are connected to the frame with bolts and nuts. Grovers must be used, otherwise vibration from engine operation will loosen the frame and the cup mounts.

All targa sizes are matched to the size of the boat.