Sudak in late autumn

The text deals with catching pikeperch in late autumn. The topic touches on the choice of gear, lures and the search for pike perch in late autumn.

Zander belongs to the family of perch and is distributed throughout Europe. In addition to the ordinary species, the Volga bersh is also found. This fish does not have sharp fins and does not grow to an impressive size. Its average weight is 300-500 grams.

Pike perch has a long body, covered with dense scales. The fish has large fangs, between which are small teeth. The color of the color varies from light green to brown, the belly is white. The coloring depends on the characteristics of the bottom and the reservoir as a whole. On the back there are two fins that do not intersect each other.

Sudak in late autumn, search

The best time to catch a fanged robber is autumn. In the summer, when the sun's rays warm the water, the pike perch goes hunting only at dusk. In autumn, it can be successfully caught throughout the daylight hours.

On fine sunny days, zander can go into shallow water in search of fry. In cloudy weather it should be sought in the pits. The shell bottom with small differences and flooded snags is an ideal place for a flock of "fanged". If something like this is present in the fishing area, then you must begin fishing around the area there.

The second promising point is the “flooded forest” . It is called so, based on its features. At great depths there is a huge amount of snags and logs. Fishing in such places is uncomfortable, as hooks and cliffs can not be avoided . You must have a significant supply of silicone and ready-made fittings with you . Fish hooking is accompanied by its rapid movement from the risk zone of the hook, while it is not worthwhile to quickly raise it to the surface. Pikeperch is a deep fish. Inexperienced anglers try to get him into the boat as soon as possible. With such a rush, the swimming bladder does not have time to open, and the fish sometimes gets caught with unnaturally bulging eyes. It does not make sense to let her go. So small grunts die, weighing 150-500 grams.

Early in the morning to go for the "fanged" should not be . If in the summer it was still possible to catch it with the dawn, then in the late autumn the bite begins by noon, and subsides by dusk. At sunset, the capture of the most weighty specimens is not uncommon.

Late autumn pike perch moves after schools of small fish, waiting for their prey. If the water area is quite extensive, then an echo sounder will come to the rescue. Without it, you should "manually" look for dumps and channel edges, where schools of white fish can be found.

Selection of gear and lures

Jig fishing is considered a classic way of fishing for zander. To search for fish at significant depths, you need a powerful spinning medium system with a test of 15 grams. The reel must withstand the load of a heavy bait. As the latter, either silicone or foam rubber is used.

Silicone baits have proven themselves when catching a variety of predators. For zander, “run-through” models are selected. Color depends on fishing conditions. Ultraviolet proved to be excellent in some reservoirs, while acid shades work in others. "Engine oil" is one of the most popular autumn flowers.

Fishing in flooded snags involves the use of offset hooks. The implementation of bites is reduced, but at the same time the number of hooks is reduced. The use of special attractants will positively affect the result. Pike perch is passive in late autumn, and the smell enhancer will arouse appetite in it.

Leashes are not used in fishing. Instead, it is worth tying a meter fluorocarbon, 0.4 mm thick. It will make the snap invisible to the fish eye, which will increase the number of bites.

Successful fishing for zander in the late fall depends on many factors. One of them is a quick search for a pack of handsome fanged. In the late autumn, hunting for pikeperch involves a constant search for fish, so do not be lazy to move and change installations. It is enough to catch the first fish, the next bite will follow immediately!