Brook trout at dusk

When it gets hotter in summer and the streams become shallow, you can catch trout only at dusk! In this article, the theme of catching brook trout at dusk is perfectly disclosed.

In the hot summer there are days when the trout is not caught at all and you just wander with a fishing rod along the stream. Just such a day I experienced in mid-July. Around 16.00 I stood by the water. The sun has been mercilessly burning the fields for several weeks, between which a stream flowed. Water barely oozed through the dam, which it usually jumps freely. Stones that were never seen at normal water levels set their stunned sides. I tied a No. 1 silver spinner to a heavier bait, I couldn't catch without hooking the bottom. But what good is a little spinner and fishing line with a diameter of 0.18 mm, if the trout just does not bite. Twice the fish hit the bait, but so timidly that this can not be called bite. Meanwhile, the crimson evening dawn reflected in the water, the sun went down. Why waste time? I disconnected the knees of the rod and went to the car along a narrow path along the stream.

It was getting dark. Halfway I stopped and took a closer look: do I see a wave from the fish upstream ">

Don't leave too soon

Over time, I appreciated fishing at dusk and at night, especially trout in shallow summer streams. I manage to catch surprisingly well just at a time when my colleagues are complaining that now, they say, nothing can be caught. Indeed, most anglers reel in fishing rods too early or arrive too late in the pond, as excellent catches are possible on the morning dawn. Why trout bite only in the twilight or in total darkness ">

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