Fishing in spring

The article is reasoning.

After constant frosts, the thermometer more and more often shows the plus temperature. The calendar spring has come. Outside the window there is still frost at night, there is snowfall, the ice on the rivers and lakes is still just as strong, but spring has come. After a couple of weeks, the changes are already noticeable to the naked eye: during the day, drops everywhere, the snow became somehow heavier, saturated with water, its cover less. The chirping of birds is heard everywhere. This is spring, but for the fisherman it’s a signal that you can still go fishing for some time from the ice, get a lot of pleasure and enjoy the trophy.

Every day he warms more and more, and although the ice has not yet melted, fishing from ice is already life-threatening, so fishing enthusiasts again wait a week until everything is completely melted and the open water season opens. As a rule, all these changes take place literally in 1-1.5 months (in some regions this process is delayed, in other places, on the contrary, it is going more intensively). As the temperature rises, open areas of water appear, the activity of the fish increases markedly. At this time, you can successfully catch perch, roach, burbot (on night docks, read here), scavenger and bream. The fish is active and leaves the wintering pits, concentrates near open areas, less demanding on baits and baits. Some success may be caused by the flashing of perch and pike. In winter, perch practically does not take perch, but in spring it is one of the main lures for the striped predator.

As the ice melts and the ponds open, you can try fishing with float tackle. With success in this period of time, before the spill has come, you can go fishing, with a sliding float (you can read about the floating float here), in flooded bushes, from a steep bank, where there is depth and reverse flow. Under bushes overhanging the water on a regular float tackle or on a summer nod, you can drag roaches and chubs (about spring chub fishing). The faster the water warms up, the more actively the perch and white fish behave. Soon, crucian will begin to bite. Of the bait in the spring, all that bloodworms are best shown (where to get it or how to get bloodworms read here), and the earthworm. With the flight of the May bug, you can catch on it; he is especially honored by the chub and asp.

Around the middle of May, catfish begins to eat - you need to experiment with bait, catfish know this. As the water warms up, some fish begin to spawn, while others have already spawned. This must be taken into account, since fishing in many water bodies is allowed only for certain gear and is strictly regulated by the date of fishing.

Interesting in spring fishing on the pike. You can go to the toothy literally immediately after the rivers and lakes open. The only thing you need to know is the time when spinning fishing is allowed. At this time, the pike eagerly grabs any bait, powerful blows, the pike is active. On large rivers, in some places, “tea-pots” are already visible - the activity of waterfowl, above the place where fish come to the surface. This is a great clue where to look for a predator.

During spring fishing, do not forget about your own safety measures. And if we have already talked about the strength of ice, we must remember that the spring sun and “the warm wind are deceptive, do not neglect warm clothing. It happens that you have to fish while standing in the water, it turns out that the legs will be in the aquatic environment for about 4-6 hours, and this is something, so the shoes should be warm in any case (fishing boots). Without fail you need to have fishing "rescuers" with you, and go fishing on ice only for two or three. In general, in spring the fish goes to smaller areas, so fishing from depths during this period of time no longer gives such a result as January-February, although in April you can still catch zander from a depth of 5-7 meters.

As for gear, you should choose them based on what kind of fish you are going to. In principle, tackle in the spring is not much different from winter equipment.

As soon as flying insects appear, you can catch them. This is especially true when fishing for bleak (catch in the spring), chub, ide and some other fish.

Spring fishing is a unique fishing, the weather in this period of time always brings its own characteristics. Somewhere, biting will begin earlier, somewhere melting ice and snow will go faster, in other places with a “stormy” spring, all these processes go very quickly. In the spring you have to look for fish, but if you find it - it's just a fairy tale.

Have a nice fishing trip.