Features of roach fishing in summer

The article tells how to catch roach in the summer using bottom tackle and a fishing rod. What bait are used. What determines the choice of tackle and how to set it up correctly so that roach fishing always remains effective.

Summer roach fishing starts from the last days of May and lasts until the second half of autumn. It is important to note that the roach fishing technique differs significantly depending on the time of year. The differences in bait, bait, and gear used are especially noticeable. Many believe that roach fishing gears in summer and spring are no different, but this is not so. To catch spring roaches, you should use more finely tuned gear. But back to fishing in the summer and talk about what gear is used in this period.

Various tackles are used for fishing in the summer, but the most common ones are a fishing rod, fly fishing gear and a feeder. In ponds with moderate or strong currents, roach can be successfully caught with a fishing rod in the harness. In areas where there is no flow, a float fishing rod with blind mounting is successfully used. Let's take a closer look at each individual fishing option, as well as which bait is used for this.

Roach fishing rod

This type of fishing is among the simplest and that is why it is recommended for beginner anglers. The rod is used telescopic, the length is selected based on the fishing conditions. But the main requirement is to be easy, because you just have to hold it in your hands for a long time. There are special requirements for the reel e, since e is the main task to store the supply of fishing line. As for the float, its choice should be taken seriously. It is recommended to choose options made from a piece of foam or goose feathers painted with plain matte tones. Up to 25 meters of fishing line with a diameter of 0.2 or, if fishing conditions allow 0.15 mm, are wound on a reel. The hook is attached through a leash, its number should not exceed 4. The main thing when choosing a hook is to carefully examine the sting, which should be perfectly sharp. The sinker to the main fishing line is fixed using a sliding mount. Its weight directly depends on the float, that is, the weight of the installed weight should be sufficient so that after casting the float takes a strictly vertical position and at the same time disappears under the water by a third of its length. That's basically all the ideal float tackle for roach fishing ready, you can start choosing baits.

When choosing it is important to take into account the characteristics of the reservoir and weather conditions. So, if fishing will take place on the lake, then crumb of bread, dough or bloodworm should be used as bait. The same bait can be used when fishing on the river, but you can still add a small red worm, pearl barley, dragonfly larva and maggot. It is impossible to say with certainty which particular bait roach will bite today. Therefore, it is important to have several different options with you, which will allow you to determine directly on the pond which bait is most relevant at the moment for roaches (about a fishing rod).

Donka as tackle for roach fishing

The proposed fishing tackle on small lakes and rivers should be noted right away, it will bring minimal results, but when fishing on reservoirs this is exactly what you need. The design of the gear is not complicated and is as follows. As a fishing rod, a three meter spinning rod is used, on which a conventional reel is mounted. The fishing line is used 0.3 diameter, but the leash is installed made of 0.18 mm fishing line. The cargo is supported on the basis of fishing conditions, as well as starting from how far casting is required. On a leash hooks 4 maximum 5 numbers are installed. It is important to note that regardless of the weight of the sinker, its installation should be carried out only sliding. If the tackle will be equipped with a feeder, then the need for using a sinker disappears. The feeder is installed on the main fishing line, to which the hook system is attached, from two to four in number. Only the bait that is able to withstand the loads that appear at the time of casting is mounted on the hooks, so you can use bloodworms, barley, maggots, small worms (find out the important nuances of donka).

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