Perch - on bloodworms, silverfish - on baubles

Unusual behavior of shrimps and perch. The real case. Ice fishing on the Volga.

I don’t remember what year it was. Probably ten years ago. My friends and I then arrived on the last ice to drive the perch to the Cheboksary Reservoir. Fishing in this place of the Volga is always associated with surprises due to the work of the local hydroelectric station. The flow rate changes, and this affects the bite. Perhaps because the saturation of water with oxygen varies. Or maybe the fish simply migrates and leaves those places where it is usually caught. Probably, if you look for a long time, then, nevertheless, you can find a good catch to go home. And you can wander around the ice all day, winding kilometers, but there will be no luck. Someone is trying to find the reason for everything in the weather, but the links to it are not convincing. For it happens that in bad weather it pecks well, but in good weather it does not. And vice versa. Fishing is a card game. It happens that fools are lucky, and venerable anglers come home empty.

In general, on the first day we did not find a perch, although we made a lot of holes in the thick spring ice and sweated fairly. We spent the night on the shore in cars, and in the morning again plunged into the white silence of the great Russian river. And so well plunged. Good luck.

On a sandbank, near the island, perch eagerly took mormyshki with a bloodworm, preferring, oddly enough, black . There were bites on spinners, but lazy and rare. Usually this fish is very keen on everything that is brilliant, because everywhere it is licked and quilted. And then the perch suddenly began to look at bloodworms, just have time to plant them. A bunch of larvae of a long mosquito on a hook was enough to catch two or three fish. They were so actively juggling the bait that they had to plant a new bloodworm all the time. The bite was great.

And fifty meters from us, in a deep channel, two of our friends fell on a large shrub. And what’s the most interesting - she didn’t peck on bloodworms or maggots, but on very small spinners. In short, everything was mixed up in the Oblonsky house. Predatory perch chewed bloodworms with pleasure, and the peaceful shag eagerly grabbed the bait. The men laughed: tell someone - they won’t believe it. True, it lasted only one day. Subsequently, the crazy fish, obviously, got better and began to be caught as it should. Soroga again became indifferent to the mormyshka charged with a bloodworm. A perch fell in love with a spoon. These are such equivocations in Nature. The Volga is a mysterious river. The devil knows what is happening under the ice. At least none of my friends could explain the behavior of the fish properly . True, one kind of laughter tried to connect what had happened with Halley's comet flying somewhere in the darkness of the Universe, but no one believed him. This is stupidity. Well, think about where she is, this comet, and where we are with our perches.

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