Crucian fishing in the winter

When and where does biting crucian carp most often occur in winter. How to choose the right gear (at least two fishing rods) and the game technique. What kind of bait crucian chooses in winter and how to feed him.

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  • Where and when to catch
  • What do crucians catch in winter?
  • Game technique
  • Bait
  • Lure

Crucian carp fishing is one of the most popular and favorite types of fishing among the Russian population, and retirees and fishermen of about seven to ten are engaged in fishing for crucian carp. Sniffing, they enthusiastically pull silver or copper carp from some puddle in the suburbs or in the wilderness. Crucian is found everywhere. This is the most unpretentious fish, not counting rotan.

Crucian carp in winter .. "> Despite the fact that crucian carp is considered a summer fish, it is also possible to get crucian carp from the ice in winter. Most often this carp occurs on ponds with a high density of medium-sized crucian carp, especially if the pond is flowing. Usually, carp activity is revived. occurs in long thaws, especially when air temperature rises to zero or higher, and puddles form on ice.In recent years, such thaws are not uncommon and therefore lovers of crucian carp should check their proven reservoirs, where carp was well caught in the summer . Maybe the ice will return to favorite fishing.

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What do crucians catch in winter?

For fishing from ice, you will need a regular winter fishing rod with an open reel, thin fishing line and the smallest tungsten fishing mormys, which are most suitable for fishing on a pond without a current and considerable depth.

For a bright sunny day, it is best to use black or dark green mormyshki.

On a gray cloudy day, bright mormyshki with silver coating will work most effectively.

Above the mormyshka, it is best to snap the smallest hook. According to our Russian numbering, this is hook number 2.5 . Since plant heads and bread are rarely used in the winter, you can put a regular hook under the nozzle head. Carp hooks are best left for the summer. Sometimes the main part of the crucian's bites in the winter period falls on the hook attached above the mormyshka.

It is better to choose a monofilament line, winter and the thinnest, with a diameter of 0.06-0.08 mm. Summer thin fishing line can fail with increasing frost and at a fracture between the edge of the hole and water. When choosing a fishing line in a fishing store, one should try to get a clear explanation from the sales assistant regarding the chosen fishing line, is it really winter?

Nods are selected for the smallest mormyshki. Usually these are thin and soft dacron nods with a narrowed front. But you yourself can make a high-quality soft and sensitive nod. Moreover, such a nod may turn out to be better than a factory-branded nod in all respects. To make such a nod, you will need an X-ray film, on which you can see the results of our medical examinations and medical examinations. This is a great material for winter soft nods. It is better to cut the plate for our product with a sharp boot knife on a wooden stand placed under the x-ray film. It will turn out more accurately and evenly than if cut with scissors. It is only necessary to adapt. But it’s best to cut the plate not “by eye”, but along a metal ruler. Then the finished nod will be beautiful and functional.

It is most advisable to have at least two fishing rods in stock

One equipped with a mormyshka, which was discussed above, and the other fishing rod should be equipped according to the principle of a float fishing rod, which is usually used in the summer for catching crucian carp in open water, that is, equipment is made according to the principle - a hook below, weighed at the top. Such equipment often wins in terms of performance in the weak bite of the crucian carp, when a bait game is not required and the fishing rod is in the standby mode of the fish approaching, as they say, “on the stand” . All other equipment of a winter fishing rod can be left unchanged.

Game Technique for Crucian

Usually, when fishing for crucian carp in winter, a smooth and slow play of mormyshka with stirring and tapping the bottom is used. Often, it is after such movements at the bottom and raising the bait up that the crucian bite follows. Like roach, crucian carp sometimes actively grabs mormyshka with bait on lowering the bait to the bottom. Moreover, it is quite effective to use a fishing rod without jigsaw, also raising and lowering the hook and sinker. Such a game does not go unnoticed by a crucian if he is active on that particular day. Best equipment with a sinker and hook works on a bright sunny day.

What kind of bait does crucian choose in winter?

In winter , bloodworms are best suited as bait for crucian carp. Sometimes a crucian chooses a maggot and a worm. There are also days when this capricious fish switches to rye bread, which is hooked in the form of a crumb.


Bait is better to use ready-made, winter, universal. Porridge, most likely, in a shallow pond without a current, decomposing, will scare away fish.