Vegetable Carp Lures

The article talks about how to cook plant tips for carp. What is important to consider and observe exactly when preparing bait and bait for fishing carp.

Today, you can successfully catch carp with various baits: plant and animal origin. The first include corn, pearl barley, bread, peas, potatoes, the animals include a worm, maggot, mollusk, etc. Lures of animal origin are used for carp fishing in most cases in spring and autumn (on carp fishing in spring). Plant-based lures are used during the summer fishing of carp. Consider the most common plant-based lures in more detail.

Carp fishing on peas

You can use canned peas, or you can use your own cooking. So, we prepare peas for carp fishing. The first thing that needs to be done is to soak the peas in a soda solution, which is prepared at the rate of a teaspoon of soda per liter of water (it is advisable to use water from a reservoir in which you plan to catch carp). After the peas swell it is placed in a bag of dense fabric, which is placed in a pan so that it does not touch the wall of the dishes. Water is poured into the pan, in which peas were soaked before and put on a slow fire. Cooked peas neatly spills out of the bag onto a blank, clean sheet of paper and allow to dry completely.

In addition to the above method of cooking peas, there is another simpler one. So, we take a glass of peas and fall asleep in a thermos, then add a spoonful of soda into it, a little oil preferably flaxseed and pour boiling water. Thermos, after boiling water is poured into it, closes and sets aside. After a couple of hours, the peas will be ready for use, that is, to use as a nozzle for fishing carp.

It is important to note that only whole peas are used, which are mounted on the hook under the skin, the sting must necessarily look out of the bait. The number of peas depends on how large the carp are planned to be caught, but as practice shows to catch carp weighing more than 5 kg, it is enough to put three peas on the hook.

Before starting fishing, you should carefully feed the place with a bait prepared, for example, from cake, wheat grits and pea flakes. The basic composition of the bait should be the bait on which you plan to catch, in this case peas. It should be noted that half-cooked peas should be added to the bait. The fishing spot should be fed from two to three days, this time will be enough for the carp to get used to new food.

As a bait, peas can begin to be used from the end of July until the first night frosts. Peas are great as bait when fishing with a fishing rod, and bottom gear.

Carp fishing for boiled potatoes

It will not be news to anyone, the fact that carp can be successfully caught on such a bait as boiled potatoes. The main advantage of the bait is the speed of cooking. So, how to cook potatoes for fishing carp. The first thing to do is go to the pond and collect water from it in which the potatoes will be boiled. Potatoes are cooked until semi-cooked. It is important to note that boiled potatoes must be removed from the hot water in which it was cooked and placed in cold. It is especially beneficial to use small potatoes, the size of which should be equal to the size of a regular boil. Small potatoes, after being hooked, it is recommended to pierce through a match at two points with a match. Large potatoes are cut into 1-by-1 cubes and only after that they are hooked.

It is important to attribute the advantages of the considered attachment option to the fact that mainly large carp are caught on it. Note that in addition to carp, bream, roach or chub can peck on potatoes, but this happens extremely rarely.

The place where it is planned to catch carp should be lured. As a bait, bran is used, which are mixed with mashed potatoes. After the two main ingredients are mixed, a small amount of soil is added, so that the bait acquires additional viscosity. It is important to throw the bait exactly at the point of fishing in small portions after each bite.

Carp Corn

Carp fishing for corn is not difficult and inconvenient. To catch carp on corn, it is enough to have float tackle. Of course, success will not be positive only from the right gear, it is important to take a responsible approach to the preparation of bait. Today, corn can be bought ready-made, which is sold in any fishing store. In the event that there is no desire to overpay the bait, you can easily cook it yourself. There are many ways to cook corn, but the most common way to make bait is as follows. So, we take the corn and pour it into a container of water, where the grains will remain for three days. After that, put the container with swollen corn on a slow fire and cook for 25 minutes. When preparing the bait, you can add a little flavoring to the water, which may be honey or sugar syrup.

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