Fishing places. Raven island

It’s not very easy to get to this place known to most of our fishermen, but if you get there, you need to devote more than one day to fishing. Why? Too varied fishing awaits the fisherman on a long island, next to which is a small island called Raven.

The path to the island usually begins with the village Senyushkino, located on the high bank of the flood zone of the Cheboksary hydroelectric station. From Yoshkar-Ola to Senyushkino 84 km. Or the fishermen, not reaching the village of Senyushkino about a kilometer, turn left from the highway and go ashore in the village of Troitsky settlement, which has become, in fact, a holiday village. Further the path is only by water, and in winter - by ice. They usually go by motor in the summer to the first long island of the archipelago of islands stretching from east to west. Here they bypass this island on the right side, then go into the second narrow channel and move to the pro-jumper in the next narrow and long island. Through the hole they exit into the third wide duct and move past the island, curved in the form of a horseshoe, which is called the Horseshoe. Further, the path lies along the channel separating Podkova and the next long island, overgrown with light forests. And now we already have the fourth channel in front of an extended island, beyond which the Volga, or rather, the Cheboksary Sea, is already opening. The opposite shore of this sea in this place is visible with a thin strip, visible only in clear weather. The sky is a little cloudy, and that shore is already disappearing from view. And in winter it is also visible only in clear frosty weather, when the air is clean and transparent. (This beach is visible in the photo for the article because the weather was clear).

Why this island is a place of the most diverse fishing ">

Let's start with the channel in front of the island, located along the route. It looks like a river with a moderate and sometimes very weak current. Shores are islands overgrown with small forests and preserved large trees. In the summertime, and especially during the Indian summer, the pike is perfectly caught here for spinning, often preferring the simplest oscillating spinners - Senezh, Atom, Yubileynaya, Neman, as well as home-made large copper and brass spinners. In summer, pike are better caught on wobblers of different species, but mostly on minnow class lures.

In addition to pike along the edge of the island on the breakers from oncoming currents, an asp is found on wobblers and castmaster. Here, along the edge of the island, overgrown with aquatic vegetation, the biting of the flocking perch of the humpback, which usually prefers spinners and small wobblers, can begin. In the early morning bites of a chub and an ide for spinning are possible. These silver-colored predators can choose crank wobblers and spinners. Often success is brought by wobblers of mine.

If you catch small roach and rudd from the shore, then here you can put several fly-frogs along the shore. Usually along the coastline stretches a strip of grass. On its edge and need to put gear. Sometimes pike, pike perch, perch and even small asps are better for vents than for the most advanced spinning lures. But tackle should not be rude, like a discerning pike. If it is possible to bite such cautious fish as chub and asp, then it is better to put a miniature snap. In order for the tackle to win back the jerks of the fish caught by samolov, it is necessary to choose poles from the fresh talnik growing on the shore, with a flexible top. In addition, if you put the girly on the edge of the grass, the predator will go into the vegetation to swallow live bait. It will remain there. And the grass will absorb its strong jerks.

On the other side of the island, which can be crossed in a short time, the Volga opens up. There is also the opportunity to catch a predator on a spinning rod. There are: pike, zander, asp, asp, catfish, perch. Often in the morning grasp ide and chub, while there is no wave.

Feeder lovers can fish for bream, ide, roach, bream, silver bream, blue bream and other Volga fish from the sandy shore. If you move away from the island by boat, embarking on anchors, you will be able to catch a large bream and ide for "ringing" and side fishing rods. Often, boat feeders are used for fishing from a boat, which differ from the usual feeder only in a shorter fishing rod.