Roach bread dough

The dough for roach, a recipe for nozzles made of bread, potatoes and garlic.

The composition of attractive bread dough for roach and scavenger has recently been proposed by “advanced” fishers in this regard. The aromatic properties of this attachment are quite capable of attracting the attention of feeding fish, even located relatively far from the place of fishing.

Ingredients for Nozzles

To make the nozzle, you need half a loaf of wheat bread, 2 medium potatoes, a little sunflower oil and 3 cloves of garlic.

Cooking roach dough

We only separate the crumb from the bread, which is slightly moistened with water and passed through a meat grinder. Next, skip the peeled boiled potatoes and garlic.

We mix all the components well and add 8-10 drops of sunflower oil, after which we again mix the nozzle so that the oil is evenly distributed on it.

We pass the finished dough another 2-3 times through a meat grinder, and then knead to the consistency of the dough. The roach head is ready. Before putting it on the hook, with our hands we form sausages or balls.

By the way, this dough can also be used for winter fishing of roaches.

Despite the effectiveness of the proposed test for roach, it does not last very long on the hook. This disadvantage can be cured if you add a little margarine to the finished nozzle and pass it through the meat grinder again, or by using a small amount of wheat flour with stirring to the nozzle.