Crankbait for pike

Pike on a roll on a small river. Description of crankbait. How to catch.

Today, fishing plans have changed. Tired of sitting at the feeder and waiting for a bite of roach, albeit a large one (read the report here). For some reason, the scammer stopped taking on “my care”. So coded called a place in folders with photo reports. Catching medium and large roaches for corn, of course, for a small river is a fascinating activity, but this roach takes painfully early and shortly. Better not to go to bed. If you arrived by four, consider late. It is high time for biting a large shrub - two to three in the morning. And at five in the afternoon you can get home. The scavenger was not in the hole, the roach bite is short, it remains only to pull the small roach on the maggot. And this is boring.

So go ahead!

It's time to check the small river with turntables and banks. In the lower reaches I already caught perches and pikes on the turntables. Not a single fish was caught on the rolls. But upstream the river is more rapid and narrow. In the spring here came across the chub feeder. So, there is a chance to catch a chub and spinning.

Krenk Raiden Maguro Crank 45

Today I check the roll of Raiden Maguro Crank 45. I wade along the coast through thickets of nettles and raspberries. Phew! .. It’s right that he didn’t go down the river with a spinning rod. There, in forest places, along the banks there are enough bushes and nettles. And then a wide stretch barely passed, where the river makes a sharp turn, as clear meadows opened on the right hand, smelling of honey. The river rings at the rifts, constrained on the banks. Here, water lilies are already visible only in small coves near the shore. And on the channel, the long flowing hair of the mermaids curls grass. There are plenty of bushes here, but in places there are exits and descents to the river.

I put a yellow-green roll with a black head. Here, on a narrow riverbed, one must be more careful with sweeping castings. How not to hang the bait on the branches of trees on the opposite bank and coastal sedge. I do not load Krenk. Its weight of 5.3 grams is enough for short casting on a thin fishing line 0.16 mm thick. There is no metal leash either, I don’t hope for a pike. In vain ...

On the very first casts, right under the shore, the thin light rod was bent and a pike found on the fishing line. There is no landing net today, and so we have to move the fish upstream with the hook, where the reeds sticking out in front of me are now “no.” And I do not dare to pull through the reed barrier. The pike, though not large, can cut off a thin line when it’s weight. I pick up the pike with my hand. There is an initiative!

Krenk worked fine

You can see how he actively wagged across the fast jets, steadily holding on to the flow. Briskly spun around the thickets of grass, like a small greenish fish. The chub should react. But, either I was not careful and noticeable on the banks of a narrow channel, or I did not reach the chub habitats, but there was no more bite on the bank. Probably, I was already late in time. The sun was high. Okay, next time I'll come early and I will look for this cautious chub-red feather ...

Yes, the next time I was on the same river, but much higher upstream, where only villages were visible on the hillocks and cows roamed the meadows. And in these blessed deserted places of the Russian outback, there were clearly more fish. Pike and chub fell on the heels.

For reference

Maguro Crank 45

These active small and nimble wobblers from Ryden are floating compact lures. Their purpose is fishing at shallow depths. The weight of these Raiden lures is 5.3 grams, and their length is 45 mm. These are ideal wobblers for spinning fishing with light gear. Krenki have a universal game, working equally successfully using classic, uniform wiring and tricks of jerking the bait - twitching, where the use of short pauses is the main element of the wiring. Often, it is on a pause that the bites of a predator follow.

The small size of the scapula contributes to a very active game of the wobbler when deepening to 8-10 centimeters. The main prey when fishing with these rolls is trout, chub, ide, perch. Often on small rivers it is on such small and nimble wobblers that the most productive hunt for the red-chubed chubs happens. Moreover, these heels can be called truly universal baits, which are equally recklessly and eagerly pecked by pikes and silver predators - chubs and ides. Sometimes a little perch humpback may be interested in a small wobbler.

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