Yakimovsky settlement

Fishing places of Russia - Yakimovsky settlement. What kind of fish and where to catch. Fishing seasons. How to get there.

This is a small village, as if extended from the Malaya Kokshaga River towards the federal highway. Apparently, this is how villages were once formed, both on the river and next to the road. The Malaya Kokshaga River in these places turns into a kind of knot, beyond which the very nature of the river changes. Therefore, the Yakimovsky settlement can be called as a separate fishing place, where with the skill and knowledge of the reservoir you can catch good fish all year round.

The knot consists in the fact that directly opposite the village there is a wide and deep pit-reach. Below, the riverbed is divided into two branches, one of which is the Malaya Kokshaga river, and the second is indicated on the map by some separate river, but is more like a branch of the Malaya Kokshaga. Both arms become lower than the Yakomovsky settlement with very small rivers with a fast current and with deep holes, where a large carp is found, which often drags fishing rods of gaping fishermen. But the second sleeve further passes into a flat river, overgrown with water lilies, with a weak current, and looks more like an old woman.

The small Kokshaga, on the other hand, runs itself a river-stream at first to a pit and a sharp turn to the side. There, the channel is gradually expanding and changing in character. At the former pioneer camp, the river is already becoming calmer, wider and remains so until entering the city.

Above the pit near the Yakimovsky settlement the river is wider

If you rise above the bridge towards New Komino, then Malaya Kokshaga becomes a real small river in central Russia, pretty, ringing on the rifts and quietly circling in the whirlpools, where there were once water mills. Here you can see the thickets of yellow lily and right there, below the whirlpool, the river runs already among the reeds, squeezed by a narrow channel. This is the kingdom of meadows and copses, where it smells of honey meadow herbs and cow cakes. Here you can hear the clicks of a shepherd’s whip, the mooing of cows and the rattling of some “Belarus” - I’ll plow the plow ... Sometimes the mooing of cows goes to the mooing of a shepherd lying under a bush and deflated by the local “puzoder”, while his clever little dog constantly jumps stings cows like horseflies, forcing them to stick together and not wander through the meadows.

The pit near the Yakimovsky settlement is sometimes nicely fucked up by bream, and for the worst case scammers, but you won’t leave empty from here if you get into the season. Usually in the spring there is something like a short course of roach. But the locals are most likely to get on this move, who can check the river for raising roaches at least every day, which is not always available to the city fisherman, who often gets only kinds of many fly fishing rods. And this speaks of mass fishing, which took place literally the day before. What can I say ">

Closer to the fall, the pike starts spinning here. Do not bother too much with the choice of lures. Sometimes for success in fishing there are enough "Atom" spinners.

On the first ice, he takes perch and pike on the vents, and at night - burbot.

How to get to the Yakomovsky settlement

The place can be reached from Yoshkar-Ola along the Sernursky tract. Turn left in front of the car junction on the tenth, it seems a kilometer.