Catching and cooking burbot

Burbot in winter - production is not ordinary. Not everywhere and not always you can catch this nocturnal predator from the ice. But before spawning and after it, the burbot takes well, both on artificial bait and on live bait gear. It will be fattened until about the month of May, it all depends on the temperature of the water in the reservoir. Warm water for burbot can be said to be deadly. And he hides for summer in burrows and under snags in deep whirlpools, where it is always cold and dark.

On the Volga and other large rivers, burbots are often quite actively caught in the winter and in the daytime, which is uncharacteristic of open water. Apparently, a thick and dense layer of snow and ice affects the sunlight. During this period, burbot hunters massively use winter tents, where they not only spend the night and wait for a bite, but they also cook fish.

Lure burbot fishing

Catching burbot on artificial baits from ice is often effective in places of mass congestion of these predators. Typically, these are the edges near the wintering pits of other fish that the burbots hunt, as well as pits under the rapids, the so-called irrigation, and the edges at the border of the channel pit, which stretches along the river. But often the most successful places for burbot fishing are water discharge zones under hydroelectric power stations, where the river does not freeze. Clearly, you need to know where fishing is allowed. At the hydroelectric station there are places where any fishing is prohibited. In places allowed for fishing, fishing occurs according to a similar scenario on all such dams.

For fishing use onboard fishing rods or short spinning rods with a hard metal nod. The thickness of the fishing line is usually 0.3-0.4 mm in diameter. And the bait is served by heavy luminous spinners or mormyshka with a spider hooked on a hook, a chopped roach, or a ruff. They also catch large worm brushes.

In other places, ice fishing is successful where there is a lot of burbot. For fishing, they also use luminous mormyshki and spinners with tyulka, sharp fish and worms. Sometimes bottom spinners bring success, which differs from ordinary baits in that they have an additional hook at the top of the spinner. The game of spinners resembles more fuss at the bottom with bait hits on the ground. Usually, they are caught on lures in a tent, setting it in a running place. Around the tent, additional holes are also drilled, where they put litter boxes or donks on the burbot. For fishing in a tent, a good lamp is of great importance.

Winter girders

Catching on zherlitsy does not require any special gear. Nalima can also be caught on pike vents without changing anything fundamentally in them. But if it is possible to allocate several gear for fishing specifically for burbot, then it is better to remove metal leashes, put the fishing line thinner, somewhere - 0.3-0.4 mm. And its length is less than for pike fishing. Usually enough five meters. Otherwise, with a long fishing line, the burbot will surely find a snag under the ice and bring tackle there. Instead of tees, it is better to put double hooks. To hear the bite, feeder bells can be attached to the flags of the zergelits. Usually bited fish or bait fish are used as bait: roaches, minnows, and, best of all, ruffs. Their burbot prefers all other fish.

Burbot ear

Fishermen spending the night in tents often cook freshly caught fish there. This requires a portable gas stove. Instead of a pot, it is better to use a deep pan. So the water boils faster and a real fishing ear from burbot is prepared, which, as the unforgettable Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov used to say, should be made from live burbot, fresh here, only from the hole.

The recipe for such a burbot fish soup is very simple!

We need pieces of fresh burbot, slices of onions, a leaf of parsley, salt, black pepper and all. No potatoes. Only water and fish, a lot of fish, so that, as they say, the spoon stands ... The fish can be added not necessarily when the water boils, but immediately put in a pan or pot, in cold water. After boiling the water, the foam is removed and all ingredients are added to taste. Onions can be cut in half. You can put some greens in your ear. It is important not to overdo it with bay leaf, otherwise it will beat off all the taste. Enough of one small leaf. Vodka does not have to be added to the ear, it can be consumed naturally ...