Summer roach fishing

Catching summer roaches on the feeder. Conditions for roach fishing in summer. Feeder gear for fishing. Attachments and bait for roach

The most favorable time for catching roach on a feeder can be called spring. It is at this time, when the roach is moving to spawn, you can catch a lot of large roach in one fishing trip, especially if you get on the fish track for sure. Indeed, large roach often goes somewhat apart from the little things, along deeper furrows and under the cover of flooded bushes.

Such a spring course is short-term and then, after spawning of roach, its summer fishing begins, which is also quite successful, but with varying success.

Summer roach fishing conditions

If you focus on roach fishing on medium and small rivers, then here the places for fishing this fish necessarily coexist with thickets of water lilies, hornwort and other aquatic vegetation. It is here that roach feeds and rests from the summer heat. In gaps and windows among the grass, it is most convenient to catch with a fishing rod. But for catching roaches on the feeder, corridors are selected among the vegetation, going immediately from the coast . And it is good if there is a further edge of the slope into the pit, especially if the slope into the pit begins immediately after the vegetation. Such special channel eyebrows are usually found using a marker weight, stretched from the side of the pit to the shore.

Another promising place for catching roach on a feeder is a ramp into a pit from a gentle beach-shore to the opposite steep bank. The border between a sandy or clay scythe and a black hole behind a rolling pit will be the most successful place for fishing roaches on a feeder.

Feeder gear for fishing

For summer roach fishing, long and powerful heavy and extra heavy feeder rods are not required. A medium class feeder is quite suitable, and for fishing in quiet places it is generally better to choose a piker. You can successfully use homemade short feeders made of telescopic spinning rods, where the spring wire gatekeeper with a “tulip” from the spinning rod at the end is a quarter-type. Such a homemade short feeder is more convenient on a small river, where you often have to fish from under the branches of trees and in a limited space. About how to make such a feeder, I told here

Feeders are also selected lighter. For fishing in a moderate course, you can use feeders weighing 20-50 g . Often, even a “rocker” rig with two short leads on a wire bar works more quickly and efficiently than a traditional rig with a paternoster and a lead above the feeder. Although it’s more like carp equipment, the “rocker” will do just fine for catching roach in a weak stream. Only leashes are best made from fluorocarbon. They will be almost invisible, and the nozzle will be in close proximity to the filled feeder.

It is better to wind a feeder line with a diameter of 0.2 mm on a reel. In coarse places, the braid will be more appropriate. Leashes on a roach are better to be placed not thicker than 0.12 mm in diameter . Even large roaches can be bred on such a snap using the reel and the flexibility of the rod.

Hooks - number 4 of our numbering.

Nozzles and baits

Effective bait products include Greenfish. Feeder Suite "and" Greenfishing. Roach asset . " These are proven baits from well-known companies. Their main noticeable positive quality is the ability to "dust" and lure fish from afar. This quality is especially important in a new place, not familiar and not lured. Such dusty mixtures descend downstream and make the fish rise to your hooks from distant rifts and edges. Among the same effective feeder bait can be attributed to the mixture from Sensas, but they are quite expensive in cost. Budgetary baits are feeder mixtures from Dunaev. They also work quite efficiently.

As a filler, you can use a finished product from the same manufacturers, but it is probably cheaper and easier to use ordinary cereals with earth or clay for filler, if you want to catch in a strong current. The most famous and effective is the so-called “Salapino porridge”, consisting of boiled barley, millet, dry corn and barley groats with the addition of vanillin and sunflower oil, I wrote about the preparation here.

In summer, roach attachments are: maggot, bread, semolina porridge and semolina, Bonduelle corn, often with maggot grafting.

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