Grayling in the winter

The article talks about how to find a place for grayling in winter. What lures are used, how to choose the right gear for winter grayling, how to increase the attractiveness of mormyshka.

Grayling is a northern fish belonging to the salmon family. This fish, like any other of this family, is appreciated for its excellent taste. On average, grayling grows to one kilogram, but individuals are found weighing more. The fact of the capture of grayling, which weighed almost 3 kg, was recorded.

Grayling lives in large rivers with a fast flow, clean and cold water. It is worth noting that grayling is a predator, small flies are mainly used for its fishing, but about baits a little further.

It is very difficult to catch grayling in the winter, especially if you do not know the peculiarities of the behavior of a predator. Grayling is kept a few tens of meters below the thresholds. Going to catch grayling in winter is recommended as part of a small group. In addition, you will need to have the most complete equipment. It is important to know that ice on the northern rivers can exceed a meter thick, so you should immediately buy a quality drill with extension nozzles.

Grayling is not as mobile in winter as it is observed in the summer months, besides this, the fish becomes less careful, possibly due to the presence of thick ice that does not allow noise.

Grayling begins to peck in the early morning until 8-9 hours and closer to sunset, during the day bites occur less frequently. Therefore, you should start fishing from the night before you have time to drill holes and prepare gear before sunrise. Experienced anglers say that on sunny and calm days grayling is best caught in the morning and evening, but on frosty and windy days - in the afternoon.

How to determine the most promising place for grayling fishing "> Mormyshki weighing 2 or more grams are selected for fishing (it depends on the fishing conditions, namely the depth and strength of the current). Equipment can be supplemented with one small hook, which with a leash is fixed to the main fishing line above the mormyshka at a distance of 15-20 cm.

The larva of burdock, maggot, and worms is mounted on the hook. It is important to note that as a natural bait, only options that are familiar to grayling, that is, those that the predator is used to eating in their natural habitat, should be selected.

Important! The success of fishing will be guaranteed, if there is a live bait on the hook, grayling may not respond to the sluggish nozzle.

Now a few words about mormyshka, for catching grayling it is best to select options for a golden color. A little woolen red thread can be wound around the hook - this will increase the attractiveness of the bait.

Particular attention is paid to technology. So, after the mormyshka reaches the bottom, a short pause is maintained, after which a jerk is performed with a sharp wrist movement. It is enough that the mormyshka is torn 10-15 cm from the bottom, after which it immediately begins to be released smoothly and slowly. It is with the help of this fishing technique that most often anglers manage to provoke grayling on the attack.

How to increase the attractiveness of mormyshka

When planning to go catch grayling, you should pick up a set of artificial baits of different types. Flies should be in larger numbers, but mormysheks of different weights and shapes, should be at least 10 species. When choosing the latter, it is recommended to dwell on options for silver or gold. The shape is close to a droplet or pellet with a thin hook from No. 3-5. A small feather should be attached to the hook of the mormyshka along the entire length of the forearm; this can be done with the help of a red thread. The villus of the pen should not protrude beyond the hook by more than 1-2 mm.

After the bait has been prepared, it should be tested at home. All that is required is to tie the mormyshka to the fishing line and lower it into a bucket of water, which will allow you to see how the bait will behave during posting. The main task is to give mormyshka maximum resemblance to a small insect, which grayling is used to eating, if it succeeds, then you can safely count on several successful bites.

How to catch grayling using flies

You can catch grayling with great success not only in the summer months using flies, but even in winter, when the pond is covered with a thick layer of ice. Of course, the performance of flies is much higher in the summer months, but also in winter, if the predator is properly presented with the bait, without hesitation, it attacks. Just note that the flies should be selected for a specific reservoir, taking into account insects that occur in warm weather.

Flies are installed a little higher than mormyshek. Note that up to 5 leads with flies can be attached to the main fishing line - this will only increase the chances of success. Flies are separated using cambric. For the manufacture of flies, it is recommended to use white small-sized hooks with a sharp sting. Instead of mormyshka, when flies are attached to the fishing line, the use of a conventional bullet-shaped sinker is allowed.

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