Cow horn - the best bait for crucian carp

A reliable story about catching crucian carp on a cow horn. Cow horn against brown bread. With elements of humor.

Many years ago, one lucky fisherman revealed to me a secret that helps to catch crucian carp even when the fish is passive and even goes badly at the top. I met him by accident, just in the winter we spent the night in the same trailer on the banks of the Volga. He told his friend fascinatingly how, by mistake, the police had arrested him. The cunning guy, asking for permission, collected a bag of cow horns at the meat processing plant and carried it to the trolleybus stop to leave home. In Soviet times, vigilant policemen were certainly catching close to a meat-packing plant and other industrial enterprises of suspicious passers-by who were walking with bags and heavy bundles after school hours. Guards of law and order tried to defeat theft and looked for "nonsuns" who robbed in detail small plants, factories and all kinds of factories.

Our hero was no exception. Clever cops instantly singled out a man with a bag from a crowd of respectable citizens. And, having plunged into a company car with grills, they offered to drive to the department. To find out what he was carrying there so heavy behind him in the evening.

The guy did not resist, realizing that it was useless. Arriving at the police station, they asked him to pull the "stolen" out of the bag. At first he denied, exhorting his escorts that this was not necessary. Say, because there are simple, nobody needs, not fresh cow horns. He will lure fish with them. But they did not believe him. And he poured the entire contents of the “sidor” onto the floor. At the police station from the rotten horns, it stank as if all the personnel at the same time had done in his pants. The boss began yelling at his subordinates, demanding that they immediately remove this "son of a bitch along with his carrion." Leaving his super-bait back in the bag, a crystal-clear amateur fisherman, driven by zealous sergeants, jumped out into the street and got on a trolley bus. Passengers, too, were not enthusiastic about such a neighborhood, and tunnels also turned around. But he still safely reached the house.

Listening to this story, we laughed like horses and asked us to explain: why did he need cow horns ">

He explained to us in detail that this is the best bait for crucian carp. Allegedly, one village grandfather taught him how to fish. He burned the horns at the stake and laid them on tops (“muzzles”). Or simply threw a pair of horns into the water on the twine from the shore, and between them fished for fishing.

I probably would have forgotten about this story if I had not had the chance to run into this guy again on the shores of a beautiful forest lake.

That day we didn’t catch anything. There was no bite and the fish did not go to the top. These tops are now considered harmful poaching equipment, and in those days they did not pay much attention to them. In every village, men caught carp so. They had no time to sit with fishing rods, but they wanted to fish. Tackle, it seems, was outside the law, but at the store, the tops were sold and they were very inexpensive. They themselves were made from willow rods, small iron gratings. The wings were installed (tops with wings) from personally woven nets.

In general, we met unexpectedly on the lake. My friend was about to leave and was loading things into the stroller of his motorcycle, among them a full bucket of large crucian carp. There was fish in the lake. This was confirmed by the guys who climbed near the coast with spearguns. Pikes are their main prey, but they also shot several large crucian carp and a line. And we, again, didn’t catch anything in a day. Except for the miserable little things, which were also like a cat crying.

Upon learning that I stayed for the night, my friend handed me four horns. And he explained that they need to be lightly burned once more at the stake so that the smell goes. He said that they were not very fresh and had already visited the stake several times. But still, this is better than bread and oilcake, with which we lured fish. Even crucian carp didn’t go on cake by the middle of summer.

Not really believing in luck, he threw the burned horns in the tops. Safely spent the night with a friend in a canvas tent, which we set up on the site of a bonfire that burned from lunch until evening, throwing it with a thick layer of sand and covering the bed with fir branches. Asleep on the stove.

In the morning, the catch pleased me. In each "face", among the little things, several large crucians were sitting. And even three good molts were caught. I didn’t wait for a bite to bait, but I didn’t leave home empty. And he shared a fish with a friend who didn’t catch anything.

Conducted an experiment, a cow horn against brown bread

Having believed in the magical power of cow horns burnt at the stake, I, being in a village where the boys were pleased with a small pond with small crucian carp, conducted an experiment . He took two tops. He laid a cow horn in one, and half a loaf of brown bread in the other. And threw the gear a meter apart.

And in the morning I checked the gear. Where there was bread as bait, there were a dozen or two crucians. And from the top with a cow horn I shook them half a bucket.

And later I successfully caught crucians by fishing rod, luring them with a cow horn, abandoned in a fishing ground on a cord. So this is not a joke at all. True, the modern citizen to get hold of cow horns is not easy. With a bag at the meat factory, no one will let. And they will not sprinkle cow horns for free, as in the old days. Now, probably, the production is waste-free. From horns, go, they make souvenirs, bound in silver, in the hope of earning money on this. Each owner tries to get rich as much as possible - this is a good thing. It is a pity that it is imperceptible that our Fatherland as a whole is getting richer. Maybe because the fishermen are still not taxed. And so it would be - a sweet deal! Caught crucians in the pond - pay tax so that the state does not have a loss. There were a lot of them, then anglers. From each according to the "steward" - and sturgeons, instead of crucian carp, we will breed in each pond. We will eat exclusively black caviar.