When to take a Bologna fishing rod with you

The main advantage of Bologna gear. Bologna floats. Coils In what places are most often caught on a "lap-dog".

Bologna gear is best used during the spring course of the roach. Soroga brings joy with confident bites and fierce resistance, which the red-eyed can do for half a kilogram in weight. And such fish are not uncommon in the spring. In places, even in small rivers, along which roach rises to the headwaters to spawn, individuals are found that are heavier than a kilogram.

Usually, roach-shrike is caught by various donkeys, more often by a feeder, but sometimes the bite of the fish freezes and the bells of the feeders, as well as the bells of various donuts, fall silent in dreary silence. The roach stopped, the course stopped. And in such periods, roaches can be found in old people and meadows filled with meadows, hollows, where the water is warmer, and much more feed. Usually in the meadows there are many worms crawling out of water-filled minks. Here, the feeder is almost useless, and the fly-fishing float rod simply does not reach catchy places. And the turn of the Bologna snap comes.

The main advantage of Bologna gear is the ability to throw a bobber and bait over a fairly large distance with its help. At least twenty meters is not the limit for her, but with a heavier float and a load of “olive” the cast can be thirty meters. Typically, the weight of the float is 4 g, but sometimes floats weighing 10 grams are also required. Here, the equipment is usually loaded with "olive", and for load balancing and proper loading of gear, additional loads of grains are placed on the stock. Considering that the meadows and the bottom of the old ladies are covered with grass, the grains move closer to the float so that the hook with the nozzle lowers slowly, allowing the gambling spring roach to grab the nozzle, which is called “fly” ... Here you cannot catch Bologna gear by touching the bottom with a hook, as happens on sandy or clay riverbeds. There will be too many hooks for meadow hard grasses. But there is a current in the old people and in the meadows, which means that fishing in the wiring is possible. The descent must be adjusted so that the nozzle or bait is at the bottom. A successful holding method used in Bologna fishing is also possible when fishing in the old man or in the fields. For a moment, the float adheres to the fishing line and at this moment the hook with the nozzle begins to move up, and then falls to the bottom. These movements are enough to annoy the fish, like a winter mormyshka, and cause it to attack.

Since fishing is most often done in shallow places, then floats with a “deaf” mount are used. Sliding floats are needed only where the depth of the pond at the fishing point is greater than the length of the rod.

Bologna floats, unlike fly floats, are attached to the fishing line more reliably. The fishing line passes through a tube mounted in the body of the float. To pull out the fastener, as is the case with loops of flywheel floats, will not work even with a strong jerk during a sweeping sweep. The Bologna float has a long antenna and an even longer keel, made of metal or carbon fiber and designed for attaching fishing lines in silicone cambric. Coarser cambric from insulation will grind the fishing line.

The float is surrounded so that the surface of the water covers the top of the float, leaving the antenna above the water. Usually the float is submerged by two-thirds.

Lightweight carbon fiber or composite fishing rods up to 5-6 meters long are used for fishing with a Bologna fishing rod. The fishing rod is suspended during fishing, therefore, a rod that is too long will quickly tire the angler, no matter how light it is.

Coils used in Bologna fishing are ordinary, as in spinning. Sometimes match coils are used, which are distinguished by a large and shallow spool.

It is better to wind a monofilny line with a diameter of 0.18 mm and a leash of fluorocarbon 0.15 mm, which is almost invisible in water, although inferior in strength to the monofil. Hooks fit the famous KUJIRA Carp Hooks. They are hooky, sharp and durable. Where necessary, it will be straightened, but not broken.

For fishing in old men you can use “Roach, asset. Greenfish "or" Feeder Suite "also from Greenfish. For color and visual appeal, you can add a light filler. Be sure to bait sprinkled nozzle or bait, which is used for fishing, a handful or two. Most often, small maggot goes into the bait.