Nice fish - crucian

Crucian, probably, like perch, is the first fish caught in childhood by an inexperienced little fisherman. Probably, this story is different in different regions of the country and somewhere it may be a ram or roach. But in central Russia, crucians become for many anglers from early childhood to hoary age the main and desired fish.

And the reason for the enthusiasm for catching crucian carp can be called, of course, the romance of such fishing. And this is the tackle itself - a fishing rod, which can also be a mountain ash rod, where cloves-reel are driven in, with a float from a cork or goose feather. In a word, the same Aksakovo fishing rod, which is not much different in the twenty-first century from the uda that was caught in past centuries. This fishing rod can also be an eight-meter carbon-fiber flywheel rod, through the top of which a rubber shock absorber will be inserted and the equipment, which had been dialed in advance on the reel, is attached to the plastic connector while fishing. And the floats for such a fishing rod are slender products made of plastic, carbon fiber and metal on the keel for different fishing conditions: for quiet water, for weak and strong currents and wind. And fishing line and hooks can be well-known companies of unimaginable subtlety and at the same time of wonderful strength. But one and the other fishing rod are united by one thing - the presence of a magic bite signaling device - a float. This piece of polystyrene foam, cork, a plastic product of a fishing company, a goose feather pulled from the tail of a famous bird with a nasty character, is the brightest element for catching crucian carp, for which schoolchildren truants and gray-haired pensioners do not sleep at night, cooking bait and looking into the bright window to the sky. Dawn is coming ">

He managed before dawn, when the wonderful mystery of fishing takes place. And sometimes in the hot July time, the most important fishing happens at night. On a bright mid-summer night, any fish, small and large, tired of the heat of the day and stuffy evening, eagerly feeds in the mud in larvae and worms, floats to the surface of warm water in order to lick from the bottom of the wide leaves of the burdock egg capsules of various insects and larvae of bloodworms, curled up ruby rings.

The fisherman's float silently falls to the surface of the mirror water, swaying and circling, and then freezes in sleepy water. After him, a scattering of fragrant bait is finely sown on the water. With a soft gurgle, more voluminous grains and lumps of porridge and oilcake fall. Through the reeds breaks the dim light of the rising ruddy sun. The scarlet flare from it falls on the water, the light illuminates the top of the same scarlet float, a goose feather. And suddenly something changes. It feels the fisherman some intuitive feeling experienced fisherman. The float slightly swayed, as if from the wind, but this is not the wind. The water is still, not moving and reeds, sedge, alder leaves on the shore. No, there’s something else ... Here air bubbles rose at the float. Someone is clearly interested in bait and bait - a lump of rye bread with the smell of garlic. This smell is from the fingers of a fisherman. Before casting, he rubbed his hands with a peeled slice of fresh burning garlic. What for? Crucian carp is a strange fish. He, like a man, loves the smell of garlic.

Suddenly the bobber, swinging, falls flat on the water

The fisherman’s hand automatically reaches for the rod to hook the fish, but early ... too early. It takes patience. The float rises and floats to the side, slightly submerging and simultaneously plunging into the depths. And now it's time! Sweeping and on the fishing line settles persistently and stubbornly over the living stubbornly disagreeing weight. She pulls to the bottom and to the side. But the angler finally raises the fish to the surface. Here, it seems, the fish no longer have a chance of salvation. But this is not a bream that immediately surrenders and the board swims to the shore. Pond silverfish is often a stubborn fighter. He suddenly rushes to the side, into the coastal reeds, but an experienced fisherman stops the strong fish and takes it by landing net.

Soon, a dozen silvery wide fishes lap in the cage. So, the roast will be.