Pike perch in winter on a mormyshka with planted fish

One of the methods for catching zander from ice is a mormyshka with a planted fish. Actually, instead of the fish, there can be worms, bloodworms, and silicone - zander reacts very well to all these natural and artificial baits. It is much more important to choose the right place and choose the right game, and this is already work and, to some extent, luck.

Where to look and how to catch zander in the winter

As a rule, these are deep sections, pits, dumps.

A lock of 40-50 centimeters is selected for pike perch, rather tough, a nod is set, a fishing line of about 0.2 mm.

As jigsaw you can use regular jig heads (not quite what you need, but it works), and special jigsaw pads of a flat shape for zander, which can be purchased at a fishing store. The peculiarity of this mormyshka is that the hook has a long forend, so that it is convenient to plant live bait, worms or pieces of fish. When using a fish, it is important to put it on a single hook so that when lowering the mormyshka to the bottom, the fish would occupy a position upside down, that is, it would simulate a living one.

Game tackle

The essence of the game is simple: light swaying, light blows to the bottom, dragging along the bottom. What is interesting for catching pike perch on a mormyshka with a fish is the fact that fishing is running, unlike fishing for pike perch, winter lanterns (I have repeatedly talked about catching a lantern in winter). On the other hand, the zherlitsa has one indisputable advantage: the wounded live bait is alive, which undoubtedly attracts fish many times better than the artificial game. In general, you need to try everything.

So that the fish does not fly off the mormyshka, you can slightly improve the mormyshka itself by tying a dense wire at the base of the hook, leaving a piece of the latter 1-3 cm longer, which additionally fixes the fish (it will be necessary to pierce the body of the fishermen from the head into the depths of the body, towards the dorsal fin ) This somewhat worsens the game of the fish itself, but with a shortage of bait it can be justified. Well, in general, the wiring itself without any frills. The bite is determined by a nod, sometimes like a bump or a dangling load. Please note that hooking when fishing for zander must be done reliably and correctly, especially considering the fact that fishing is carried out from the depths.

Good luck fishing and all the best.

PS It is generally accepted that the best winter fish for pikeperch is a tyulka (in various forms). And the truth, zander goes very well on this fish. I have already written about fishing in winter on a tyulka repeatedly, that you can’t list everything in all, look here. So, take a note of such a method of fishing pike perch in winter as “fishing for tyulka” (for mormyshka with fish).

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