Size of Perch Lures

Sizes of perch baits in summer and winter. Methods of catching perch in the winter. The game is a bait.

On the pages of our site we have repeatedly told how to catch perch. One of the methods was spinner, or to be more precise, the method of catching perch sheer and spinning fishing. In principle, if you look, there’s nothing complicated about it, the methods themselves are not so many, and it’s enough to master just a few types of wiring and twitching, and even with this baggage you can already count on a very good catch and a lot of positive emotions.

In this article, we will not talk specifically about lure fishing, but we will discuss a little about the size of the bait itself.

Less is better

So, for some reason, there is an opinion, especially among novice fishermen, that a smaller bait will be better and more catchy, they say, it will have more bites, and indeed, it is easier for a fish to attack a small tackle. To some extent, it is, but there are more features and nuances than it might seem at first glance. For example, all experienced fishermen are well aware of the fact that when fishing for pikes, a number of lures do not work, but if you just install a spinner or lure of a different shape or size, the predator begins to show activity. Approximately the same situation with the perch, but with its own characteristics.

Perch is a predator, and this flock of fish is so inquisitive that when fishing in the wild, it can even literally come to the feet of a fisherman to explore everything and everyone. Therefore, fishing on small baits can count on nibble, but it should be understood that even little fingers the size of a little finger may be interested in this bait. On the other hand, if you install a larger spinner (whether it is a sheer spinner or a spinning bait), it will not scare the fish (as some people think), but on the contrary, with a proper game it will gather a certain number of individuals around itself, and only larger ones can already Attack.

Big bait for big perch

Consequently, for a perch, a larger bait is, as it were, some kind of a barrier that eliminates small things from the groats, and at the same time, such a bait “gathers” interested fish around itself. The method of attracting perch to a hole in winter is based on this principle.

One of the methods of catching perch in winter

When there is no bite, we usually drill a few holes, put a large sheer spinner, and actively play this spinner for 10-15 minutes, and after that we put a smaller spinner, or simply reduce the game so that the sluggish fish has more opportunities for a normal bait attack. The method works.

Game of perch bait

There is a third side to the question (note, we are not talking about the shape and bending of the baubles, their color, the number of hooks and additional accessories, etc.), this is the game itself . Perch, approximately, like rotan, is active in movement. In other words, if there is no bite, you should not immediately change the bait, you must first work out different ways of playing that can be accelerated, slowed down, sharpened or smoother, tapped the bottom, etc. Too long and long pauses do not provoke a perch to attack, but the movement, on the contrary.

So what size bait is needed for perch ">

In the set, the fisherman should always have different spinners, both in shape and in dimensional plan. The fact is that perch sometimes prefers this or that size, and these “desires” can change every day, and a lot depends on the food supply of the reservoir itself. If there is a perch, it will show itself, and already from the characteristics of the bite and the caught specimens, you can adjust the fishing . For example, on one of the rivers, I installed a small twister, which almost immediately began to bring results in the form of okush-palms. After catching a dozen of these "fish", I decided to change the bait to a larger twister. Pecking became less common, although the perch led the bait, but the bigger bites made larger bites, which cannot but rejoice. There were situations, with the exact opposite, the opposite: fishing for a large percussion turntable was somehow sluggish, and only after the bait was changed to a turntable with a petal from the nail, there was no bite from the bite, while the first 2 3 bites were made by "humpbacks", and then smaller individuals.

Here is such a simple reflection on the bait, or rather on the size of the bait perch. The main thing in this is to understand that there is no definite best perch bait, everything needs to be tried.

Good luck and all the best.

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