Find a burbot place

In the article, I share my experience in finding burbotable places, I do it in the summer.

Choosing the right fishing spot is one of the conditions for normal fishing. You may not have the most modern gear, perhaps you will only learn the basics of fishing, or maybe you are trying to learn a new gear, but if the place is chosen correctly, if it is promising, the chances of catching are pretty high. I look with a smile at some fishermen who buy up “tons” of gear in fishing stores, leaving significant amounts. At the same time, most likely, these people have the most superficial ideas about fishing and hope that if their fishing rod costs 4000 rubles, then you can definitely catch fish on it. Unfortunately (and maybe to joy) - this is not so. Fishing begins with the theory, with a search and exit to places, with an analysis regarding the choice of gear. This is especially true if you plan to catch burbot. Literally in a couple of months (from the end of September) the burbot will come. It is in the summer, it is very convenient to begin the search for places where in the fall and winter you can catch burbot. Every autumn I try to catch this fish for at least a few days, as there is something to it: gatherings at night around the fire, conversations. In addition, the trophy burbot is very tasty, and pulling the burbot 1-1.5 kilograms is really nice. So how do you find a burbot? There are articles that describe the search for burbot in the fall, winter, summer, from a boat, etc. I prefer to catch on small rivers, therefore it is in the summer and I begin to review the "terrain" in order to return here and go fishing well. Below, I give a list of points that are decisive for choosing a place for fishing for burbot. Yes, an important note, from gears for burbot I use ordinary donks in an amount of 15-20 pieces.

1. If you find a pool - remember this place

2. Gentle shores, with roots from trees that have gone into the water

3. Shallow sections of the river (depth from 50 itself), where the gudgeon lives in the summer

4. Blockages

5. Fallen into the water logs, trees, buildings

6. Places with reverse flow

7. Places with depth differences

8. Sites with a quiet course

9. For bathing

10. In places where there is a lot of aquatic vegetation in summer (water lilies, for example)

11. If you find a rocky bottom, sandy bottom - for sure there is a burbot

12. The places where one river flows into another, especially if there is depth and there are shallows where we often go hunting.

13. If you know for sure the areas where the springs beat, you can safely say that there are burbots

14. In summer, it is easy to notice places on the river where there is a constant shadow from the crowns of trees - and this is a potential place

15. In summer, observe places of special concentration of fry (river turns, slow flow, near the main stream). Surely, in the autumn there will be burbot

As you can see, the signs by which it is really possible to find burbot places are not so few - the main thing to observe and remember. Burbot is an interesting fish. If you are in a new place and do not know the reservoir, the method was caught by donkeys, to some extent it helps to “find” burbot paths, since even 20 donkeys can catch a site of 150-200 meters, which is quite an impressive distance for a small river. All the best to you.