Asher by order

We drove a car in Astrakhan, we fought with a navigator and a router, got lost a couple of times ... I lost myself in road annoyance at the sight of the amazed faces of local residents staring at a bunch of asps that my friend and I dragged to a base on a long stick.

My business trip with colleague Alexander was not prosaic. Among the numerous fishing bases of the Astrakhan region, it was necessary to find and examine those that would be free for the period of celebrating the founding of Astrakhan and meet the strict criteria of VIPs. In the course of this interesting task, we visited new, still little-known fishing bases - “Fishing Tales”, which is on Mitinka, and “Fish Place”, which was being completed at the Nikitinsky Bank. About peals and banks better write Astrakhan. We, as they say, are not local people ... And then we drove around the nearest water area, we teased pikes on walkers, took our souls on the perches for twitching, and even managed to set fire to the "pants". But the most vivid impression we, like city dwellers, was left of Krivaya Bolda, on the shore of which the Ivushka recreation center sheltered us.

Reconnaissance in battle

On the very first evening, we took only spinning rods with us and decided to simply tap the bottom with a jig directly behind the fence of the Ivushka base. The bottom is rather dull, like a bath. No brow, no comb. Walked a little higher - reached the backwater. It didn’t become more interesting. We went downstream and on the bend found a good hole. Timid bites began. He let go of two or three perches, slowly moving on. Max at this time ran forward and something “stuck” to one place. One or two seagulls rushed before him now and then. Perch, probably "> there is no castmaster, only jigheads. It does not make sense to scare up the already rare exits of the asp. A water pump could be seen a bit further - maybe the jig will show itself there?
I honestly tapped everything up to the water pump and another two hundred meters below it. Of course, I saw a couple of bites. Both happened in front of a strip of grass, where there was just a noticeable edge, because of which Cheburashka constantly had to be torn out. But to catch is flour. I didn’t bite - time after time you tear the bait through the clay and then drag a whole heap of coastal algae. But I fulfilled the task, within reach of the coast I broke through on foot. He returned back to Sana'a, and he is still calmly waiting for the asp to exit. Either simply sitting on a pebble, then violently bulging a lure like a pilker to where the fish begins to manifest itself somehow. Suddenly a asp came out from behind a bush and, flipping from side to side, randomly galloped to the water.

- Yes, as much as you can! Tired of it!
- Sanya was indignant, pushing the fish with his foot back to the man-made nest of stones and branches ...

And there are six of them! Well, there is something to show at the base in the evening, there is something to prove our fishing ability.

The sun slowly, blushing, was setting on a high-voltage support. They started calling from the base - they lost us. I fastened the defeated asps to my kukan, found a long stick, and we carried Sanka’s catch to the base.

- Wow!
“Where did you catch that?”
“Did you check someone’s grid?”
“Where are your fishing rods?”
- To spinning?

It was very pleasant to listen to all these exclamations, but the question “What kind of fish is this?” Puzzled me a little. Although people living on the Volga, who love fish, but are not related to the process itself, can easily call perch carp. It turns out that few people walk around Curve Bold like this with a spinning rod? It's funny

Sanya and I did not flatter ourselves with our success. It’s just lucky that one of us turned out to have the right spinner in the right place at the right time. Next is a matter of technology. After all, the asp is spinning here not by chance. Turn of the river, near the water pump a solid hole with an uneven bottom - where else can an asp be, if not here? And few people worry him here. An ordinary spinning reel cannot be pulled to light. Only “throwing” light spinning, only a thin braid (8 or 10 lb), spinners like a castmaster weighing 18–22 grams.

Hello again, asp!

The second time we have already returned from the bottom, we once again devoted Krivaya Bolda precious time. Only this time it was morning, and we took an inflatable boat with a motor at the base. That edge didn’t leave my head, for which I had a bite to jig. She could be easily caught from a boat. But what about the asp? And we started with him, why be smart? Only this time, Sanya and I played, as they say, in two pipes. Both had the right lures. He used to catch a pilker on his “grandfather”, who buys from someone in the market, and I on an ordinary custodian. Although no, not ordinary, but branded. I don’t even remember where I got such a luxury. But the trouble is - I didn’t throw a short jig spinning up to the asp, and the long-range heavy halko asp completely ignored. Well, let it be! Not me, so Sanya will catch, but morning time should be devoted to the asp. It is already a painful occupation.

It turns out that the asp is in place! Here Sanya is already pulling the second! While he butts with him on the shore, I become in a comfortable position so that the trees do not interfere from behind, and I throw at all not where I was aiming. It’s necessary to transfer. I quickly exhaust ... and then how it will! Is sitting! I win, I’m not in a hurry, I step aside, giving way to a successful point for casting Sanka. Process started

The local peasant could not stand it. He came up, looked at the fish that I brought ashore, took in air to ask something, but looked at me and exhaled: "Ahhh ... it's you ...". And continuing to grumble under his breath, he wandered to his donks.

And in the meantime, our asp went farther and farther from the shore. Oh, where are our long-range spinning rods ?!

- And we have a boat! Let's drive up a bit?
- Scare ...
- Well, let! But we set fire to it! Maybe miracles happen under the asp, but we don’t know?

So they did. Actually, we were convinced of the correctness of our assumptions. We did not see the asp anymore, and very promising changes in depth were groped by a jig. Caught a small lump. Of course, they tried to catch the treasured brow, which is downstream of the water pump, but on Saturday morning there are many times more people on the shore, and certainly donors. As it usually happens, donks are abandoned in all directions - we got hooked, unhooked, apologized ... The second time we anchored, but a little not where we were going. They caught a pike ... Actually, and all the fishing. Go back to the beach and catch the asp? What for? We go home after dinner. Asp has welcomed us, we, too, it is time and honor to know!