Roach in the summer

The article describes the roach fishing in the summer. Nozzles, bait, gear.

Roach ... A bright silver fish with a scarlet speck above the pupil and a golden border framing a shy eye. A lively and cautious fish, especially in the summer, when, already having eaten after spawning, roach-sorghum passes to plant food. Now she is well-fed and even more careful. And the larger the roach, the more it becomes legible and shy.

Bait and nozzles

In the first half of summer, roach still prefers maggot in some places as bait. And such places are usually quite large rivers. But on small rivers, both meadow and forest, this fish switches to feeding on aquatic vegetation, including mulberry, which is most often overgrown with moss, piles under water, toljak, the lower part of trees that have fallen into the water, still holding on shore rooted and lying over black whirlpools. And such places can be called promising in catching large roach. Here it will be appropriate bunches of mulberry, as the best nozzle.

Of the plant baits at this time, the most effective can be called: canned corn “Bonduelle”, grains of boiled pearl barley, lumps of steep semolina, semolina. Often the crumb of rye fresh bread is the most productive nozzle. Of the baits on the forest rivers of the sorog, the bark beetle larva selects, and near the villages - maggot. But larger roaches, in particular, Bonduelle maize, fall on plant baits. Checked. Positive, and often decisive, are various attractants. An example is the spray Roach (roach) from the company Akara. After spraying the corn with this flavoring, literally a few minutes later a bite of medium and rather large roach followed. Moreover, large fish came across on a small river in the city. And shortly before this, only roach smaller than a palm ate at the same place on the maggot.

Sometimes a roach takes a good pea on the green peas of the same Bonduelle company. But for some reason, such preferences of roaches are noticeable mostly on forest rivers, where roaches sometimes take better on steamed peas than on other nozzles. And here the fennel has to compete with the ulcer, which is also not averse to bite with delicate peas from Bonduelle.

Summer roach bait

Fishing in the summer is not possible without effective bait. Now there are many different ready-made mixtures, for example, from the well-known Sensas company. But these baits are quite expensive, especially for the ordinary fisherman. Therefore, mixtures from Dunaev for roach can serve as an alternative. These are effective and inexpensive baits. And the fisherman can make the filler himself, having cooked the “Salapin” porridge, consisting of 4.5 parts of water, 0.5 parts of barley, 1 - millet. After the porridge is ready, 1 part of barley groats and 1.5 parts of corn groats are added to it without cooking. A spoonful of unrefined oil and a bag of vanillin are added there. The porridge is crumbly. Therefore, if necessary, you can add some kind of binding ingredient, for example, oatmeal. But usually the addition of branded bait makes the mixture moderately viscous.

Summer roach tackle

Of the gear at this time, out of competition, a fly fishing rod with fine equipment. For fly fishing, carbon fiber rods over 5 meters long with no through rings are required. Ready-made equipment is fastened right on the fishing to the connector on the top of the rod. Among the convenient and balanced swing rods can be attributed the form of the company Akara - "Ligt Fox", which means - "Light fox". This carbon six-meter rod fits comfortably in your hand and weighs just 410 grams. For fishing, flywheel floats with an attachment point in two places, with a long "antenna" and a carbon fiber keel are used.

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