Snake bite what to do?

Snake bite what to do, the article lists some aspects of first aid for a snake bite.

When fishing, fishermen often think only of the good. Most likely, it is necessary. But it is very important to understand that fishing, going out into the countryside, for an ordinary person who is used to spending most of the time in the city, is a zone of increased risk.

Anything can happen: from a harmless bruise to falling under the ice. Usually, the fisherman laughs at such stories and does not take them seriously until they suddenly one day find themselves in a similar situation. And it is very important to clearly understand what to do and how to behave in case of a nuisance in order to prevent the damaging factor as soon as possible and improve (and sometimes save your life) your condition.

I want to talk about what to do if you were bitten by a snake while fishing. Meeting with a snake while fishing - the phenomenon is not as rare as it may seem to some. This is especially true during the period from spring to autumn. Another important point, if you did not notice snakes near your fishing place, this does not mean that they are not there. Just snakes, as a rule, do not attack first, and simply hide in holes, in a snag, in the grass, without falling into your eyes. What advice can be given? There are a lot of them, but I will try to provide my own algorithm of actions that will be useful to any angler.

Tips for Avoiding a Snake Bite

1. Preliminary find out what poisonous snakes live in your region. The enemy needs to be known in person. This is important, since knowing the type of snake, you can roughly guess where it lives and just do not go there.

2. Sometimes, fishermen get bites and non-poisonous snakes, so if a snake bite has occurred, try to somehow remember its appearance. This information will be needed by the doctor to choose the right treatment method.

3. If you notice a hissing snake, very slowly move away from this place. Do not tease the snake, do not throw sticks at it, etc.

Advice if the snake did bite

1. If the snake is still bitten, do not panic.

2. Call a doctor, then proceed to first aid.

3. It is categorically forbidden to apply a tourniquet to the site of the bite and limb (the tourniquet will only worsen the condition of local tissues, up to necrosis).

4. It is categorically forbidden to cauterize a wound, as a scab forms, which prevents the poison from escaping.

5. The surest way is to suck out the poison from the wound and call an ambulance.

6.How to suck out poison (squeeze a wound with your fingers, push it apart, etc.), you can read in specialized literature. It is necessary to suck out the poison for at least 10-15 minutes.

7. The only one, it is desirable that there is no wound in the mouth of the carer, more often he would spit the blood that he sucked.

8. If there are wounds in the mouth, it is necessary to suck out with water, tea or other liquid that has been collected in the mouth, which is designed to dilute the poison content somewhat. Then spit it all.

9. The bitten one should be given a plentiful drink: water, mineral water, tea, juice. Everything that is, except for alcohol. You need to drink evenly, do not rush.

10. If you called an ambulance, give the person peace, it is best if he is in a lying position, put some kind of roller under his head.

I always take with me ...

1. I always take allergy pills for fishing. So far I have never needed them, but if necessary, they can somehow reduce the development of allergic reactions, some of which can lead to death. There are a lot of such funds, and if you are able to make an injection, you can take medicine ampoules for fishing.

2. When going fishing, give preference to rubber high boots (even if it is dry on the street). Remember, the more obstacles snake teeth have, the less deep and dangerous the bite will be.

It is very important in an emergency moment to be able to provide first aid, not to get confused. Render on time. At your disposal only 30-60 minutes to minimize the risk of poison, and so that the patient can wait for an ambulance. In fact, to save a person and help him really, the main thing is not to panic and spare the victim of all sorts of lamentations - action, this is your “weapon” in this situation. All the best to you.

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