If the white crucian does not peck, catch gold

Fishing is a card game, but a good player has a better chance of winning. Even if you are an experienced angler, do not hesitate to learn from others and you will be happy.

That July day, fishing didn’t work out.

In the morning, a small crucian pecked, and then cropped. It’s bad when the fish doesn’t take it at all. It is annoying and tiring. When you look at fixed floats for too long, various harmful thoughts come to mind. It seems that not to hell with this idiotic occupation. Go home, have lunch, drink a glass of vodka and forget forever about these filthy ponds, where scum fish just unbearably nerves and stubbornly does not pay attention to your rich supply of bait and bait tips.

By lunchtime, in a drooping mood, I turned fishing rods and headed for the car to leave this inhospitable reservoir forever. Passing along the shore, I saw a man standing in a thicket of cattail with a fishing rod at the ready.

“What a miracle, ” I thought, “the grass is solid right now, there's nowhere to throw it.”

But the fisherman, in front of my eyes, hooked something there and started to fish. It looks like a large, light rod bent into an arc. Grabbing a landing net on a long hilt, he deftly scooped up a hefty goldfish with it.

“There you go, ” the thought struck in my head, “here people catch good fish while you fool around.”

Seated at a distance on the shore, so as not to interfere with the fisherman, I began to carefully monitor his actions. Having abandoned the fishing rod, he stood motionless until he pecked. Again, he hooked and another crucian fell first into the landing net, and then into a huge plastic bucket with a lid, standing behind him on a grassy hummock.

I couldn’t get into the reeds next to him to catch fish either, a sense of tact did not allow me. Because it’s disgusting to get into where you are not asked and to hinder someone from fishing. They can send three letters, and they’ll do it right. But I really wanted to know how and what this goblet is fishing at a time when it does not bite me at all.

Having caught how worthy the fishes, the man crawled ashore, winking at me, made a thumbs up and showed the catch. In the bucket no less than a dozen large crucians floated. We talked.

In my backpack, just in case, there was a piece of vodka. I suggested - he did not refuse. They ate bread with cheese. He turned out to be a local resident. Upon learning that I didn’t catch anything, he said that crucian carp is not always active, there are days when it is quite difficult to catch it. And he personally catches large yellow crucian carp, which eschews clear water and constantly searches for food in the thickets of aquatic vegetation.

Set the table for the fish

The village fisherman in the evening, on the eve of fishing, having removed the seals, crawls into the dense coastal thickets of cattail, tramples and cleans a small meadow and pours some compound feed on the cleaned place. It seems like the table for the fish is laying. And in the morning comes and catches a dung worm carp. He enters the water, putting on “swamps”, and stands motionless so as not to scare the careful fish. It happens that carps are buried in the worm, but it is very difficult to pull out large carp from the grass. The tackle must be strong, the fishing line is thick. But crucian reacts negatively to a thick fishing line.

He said that you can put a tin sheet in the grass so that it does not bother with clearing the meadow. But to drag, they say, the piece of iron is reluctant, and there are no old sheets, but it’s a pity to harass the new one.

A few days later, grabbing a long-handed landing net, I arrived at this pond again in the evening. I trampled a clearing, threw lure there and the next morning was rewarded with a worthy catch. From a depth of about 40 cm in the morning he “pulled” nine good crucians, the smallest weighed 300 grams, the largest - 800 grams.