Side nod in the heat

Fishing with a side nod in the heat. What fishing rod is better to catch. Places of fishing. Mormyshki and nozzles.

Carp fishing is considered one of the most popular summer fishing, where a float fishing rod, feeder, and in recent years, a side nod, especially in the summer heat, in reeds and grass, are widely used.

This is a fairytale…

Silence, the mirror of the pond, slightly wrinkled by the breath of the morning. In the reeds, the old lagoon fumbles and snarls, and even crucian carp will push the whitened stem with its nose, from which the plush heads of reeds sway, as if from a breeze.

The float floats to the side, slowly plunging into the depths. It's time ... Sweep! And the fish, pushing the rod with impulses, rests on the fishing line. Here in the dark depths flashed the side of heavy crucian carp, and then became rich in the light of dawn already on the surface of a sleepy pond. The fish burst out under the shore and was imported in the landing net, and there in the cage, pushing the coastal sedge with the shocks of a strong body.

Sometimes in hot weather, a float rod is inferior to gear called a lateral nod

This is the same fishing rod, but preferably more authentic than a fly six. It is better to use a light carbon fiber fishing rod with a length of seven to eight meters. Such a long and at the same time light form will allow you to lower the bait or nozzle in the window among the coastal water lilies. There, in the heat, fish usually stands, especially on small lakes and ponds, where crucian carp cannot go into a shady and relatively cold pit. Therefore, the fish is clogged in the thicket of water lilies, usually a strip stretching along the coastline. Here the rod with a side nod wins. It can be plumbed in the smallest gaps and windows among the grass, which is not available for float fishing rods and feeders. The line is dropped vertically from the thin top, on which the side nod is fixed. A thin and durable fishing line is pulled to the bottom by a small mormyshka of light tones. Tackle in the heat works subtly and flawlessly and catches even in the middle of the day, since shadow reigns in dense thickets of aquatic vegetation.

True, there is one "BUT", which opponents of this type of fishing do not like and in their own way - rightly. So that the fish can be brought out normally, take it by hand or catch it with a net, the main fishing line should be at least the length of the rod. And after hooking, when fishing on the side nod from the reel, part of the fishing line is usually etched, which becomes equal to the length of the rod. If we take a lightweight fly-fishing rod that is not equipped with rings and a reel, where the finished equipment is connected already at the place of fishing to the connector on the apex, then skilled craftsmen, without inventing anything, simply wind a small reel with a main fishing line on the knee-butt. When fishing with a lateral nod, you will have to clear the reel from the reel, a pre-measured number of turns. Troublesome ">

Early in the morning, it is better to catch a side nod off the coast, in shallow water, among reeds and grass, and in the heat in deep places among thickets of white water lily and yellow. Usually a white water lily grows in deeper places than the widespread and familiar yellow water lily-capsule.


In the hot summer season, such a bait as a worm loses its appeal to any fish. Unless perch and rudd are sometimes posary for a worm. It is best to use at this time corn, bread, semolina, bloodworms, maggots, various insects that live on the lower part of the lilies of the water lily. Unexpectedly good result can bring filamentous algae - mulberry. Piles and driftwood are usually overgrown with mulberry.