Ram on a float in winter

In catching rams from ice, one of the most important factors is the search. This is a flock of fish, and the flocks of rams are very numerous. At the same time, you can sit all day in one place, complaining about the complete absence of bite. At the same time, a more agile fisherman will find a flock of rams and on an allegedly unsuccessful day for fishing, nearby, he will carry a heavy ram, as they say, one after another. Meanwhile, in the period of prolonged frosts and snowstorms, this fish may not take at all and everywhere .

In the thaw, the ram begins to move more, sometimes stopping in certain places in large flocks. But, despite the large number of packs, sometimes it is not possible to find a ram empirically at once. And in a quick search for a catchy place, an echo sounder can help, which will determine the topography of the bottom and the presence of fish in this section of the reservoir.

Rammer fishing rod

Despite the success of the mammoth tackle in the active fishing of rams (we wrote about this here), there are sometimes stable periods when fishing with ordinary float tackle is more successful. And jumping into the water column even a little mouse, rather, scares away the fish. Meanwhile, under the ice there can be a large flock of fish, for which you just need to lower the hook with a scarlet bloodworm brush, a lump of semolina, or soft dyed red in the hole. And then one of the most exciting fishing trips, which is only possible from the ice, can begin.

In long thaws and in the pre-spring period, the use of float tackle is often more justified, which differs from summer fishing only in a fishing rod, that is, instead of a long carbon fiber whip in this case, winter fishing rods or fishing rods are used for lures. Moreover, if for the winter fishing of roach a float fishing rod often use foam plastic homemade filly fishing rods, then fishing rods with long whips and equipped with small inertialess reels are often used here.

The equipment of such a fishing rod for ramming, as already mentioned, can be completely identical to the summer equipment, that is, according to the scheme - a hook, one or several weights above the hook, and then a regular format float, slightly elongated, painted in bright color. Longer rods allow you to fish for several fishing rods, arranged in a semicircle, it is easier to reach them than to filly. But fishing for two or more fishing rods is possible only before a flock of rams approaches. Then sometimes it’s difficult to catch one fishing rod ...

But often the morning is frosty and the hole freezes quickly. In this situation, the usual float will fail . Therefore, you need to have in stock a fishing rod, arranged on the principle of a pop-up float . The device of such a fishing rod is simple, but you need accurate loading of the float. To do this, one or two sinkers are placed at the hook, and above - even sinkers in the form of a set of lead pellets. With the correct selection of sinkers and adjusting the tackle, the float will be in the hole under the water level of seven centimeters, and when the fish takes the nozzle and lifts the sinker on the hook at the hook, the float will float under the water level, but not on the surface itself, which, moreover, likely to be covered in ice.

Ram on a float with a leash

At the mouths of rivers and at the exit of estuary bays there is often a current. In such places it is better to catch a battering ram on a float with a retractable leash . The tackle is a fishing rod with a reel or a filly, equipped with a main fishing line with a diameter of 0.15 mm and an olive sinker at the end of the fishing line. The sinker can be of any shape, since in this case it is the end sinker of the fishing rod, and above the sinker on a triple swivel, a lead of a fishing line 0.12 mm thick with a hook No. 2.5-3 of domestic numbering is tied. The leash length varies depending on the quality of the bite. During active fishing it is better to use shorter leashes 20 cm long.

Balanced Nods

Very effective is fishing on fishing rods equipped with balanced-type nods . These nods are to some extent analogous to floats, at least in the beauty and aesthetics of the bite, but are often more sensitive, especially in a freezing hole. These are bright nods with loading like a balancer, when with the slightest pull of the fish down the nod immediately bends to the hole.

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