Lure for trout fishing

The article describes how to choose the right lure for fishing trout. What to look for when choosing a spinner. The most effective spinning and oscillating spinners for trout fishing are considered.

How to choose a lure for trout fishing?

Trout is found in many reservoirs and lakes with clean and cold water, it belongs to predatory fish. Many spinning players look forward to the season when fishing is permitted. Of course, catching trout is not easy; not every spinning player manages this. Why?

This is due to the fact that trout is very shy and cautious fish. It is possible to catch it only if the bait is correctly selected, for example, lure. The choice should be made taking into account the characteristics of the reservoir, as well as the feed base in a particular period of the year. Consider the main factors to consider when choosing a spinner for trout fishing. As I already said, in this article we will consider spinners, but about how and where to catch trout, read here.

Selection criteria for trout spinners

Often, anglers are surprised that one bait can bring a lot of bites in the lake, and trout ceases to interest everyone in the river. Why? It's all about the fish feed base. Note the following points:

1. The so-called brook trout is found in rivers. You can catch it throughout the year, but the activity of the fish will depend on the weather, as well as the fishing season. When choosing spinners for brook trout, the choice should be made in favor of models that are distinguished by the stability of the flow.

2. Pond or lake trout lives in the best or comfortable conditions. In the natural environment, fish have no food problems. You can catch from spring to late autumn. When fishing in still water, miniature spinners are mainly used.

It is necessary to select a spinner for trout fishing primarily based on the season of the year.

• In the spring begins to feed actively, replenishing strength after the winter cold. During this period, the fish is less cautious, due to which it is possible for anglers to sneak as close as possible to the areas where trout is fed. In spring, trout is caught using baits that emit fry or insects. The bait is posted at a depth of 1-2 meters.

• Starting in June, the activity of trout becomes even better; the predator begins to eat in all layers of water. Trout, starting from the first days of summer, occupies areas of the water area in which it remains until the onset of autumn. In summer, the best nibble will be in the early morning or closer to nightfall. Posting should begin immediately after the spinner is in the water. The bait is driven quickly so that the fish could not see it.

IMPORTANT! The best nibble is observed immediately after heavy rains, when the water becomes slightly cloudy.

• Starting in mid-September, experienced spinning players switch to a focused search for trophy trout. Note that the mating season begins in fish in the fall. The pond is distributed evenly. Light spinning baits are used for fishing in the coastal zone, and front-loaded rotators weighing up to 10 grams are used for distant casting.

How to choose a spinner, highlights

Most often, when fishing with a spinning rod, anglers use spinning lures as bait for trout, the popularity of the bait is explained by its high efficiency and catchability.

In fishing stores, turntables are offered in a large assortment, but professionals recommend choosing models that satisfy the following parameters and characteristics:

1. The weight of the bait. The lure is selected taking into account the time of year and the features of the water area.

• When fishing in the fall or closer to winter, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of front-loaded models, which are quickly able to sink to the bottom where the predator is during this period.

• For fishing on ponds with stagnant water, as well as in shallow areas, turntables of minimum weight are suitable.

• When fishing during the course, the bait is selected so that its weight is sufficient, so that it does not move it to the side, and the game does not go astray.

2. The size of the bait. It is selected taking into account the alleged trophy. The shape of the petal is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the reservoir.

• For catching large trout, preference should be given to baits No. 3 manufactured by Mepps. However, often even a large predator may be more interested in small baits, in this case, spinners No. 1-2 are used.

• In areas with a strong current, it is more convenient to catch trout with spinners with a thick petal.

• In the summer it is preferable to spinners No. 0-00, but for fishing in autumn, large-sized baits No. 3-4 will be more effective.

3. Color design. Some anglers, especially beginners, neglect the color of the baubles when choosing it. Thus making a big mistake. It is important to know that the lure with respect to color should be selected based on weather conditions on the day of fishing. So, for example, baits with a dark petal are more suitable for fishing in sunny weather, but golden or silver on a cloudy day.

In addition, the color scheme of the bait varies depending on the time of year. So, in the summer period, spinners of natural shades work better, and in autumn and spring, bright evocative colors.

Features of the choice of oscillating baubles

Lures of this type are also in great demand when fishing for trout. Oscillators work perfectly in stagnant water and in the current, they are distinguished by good flight characteristics. When choosing, you need to pay special attention to the following characteristics and indicators:

1. Size of baubles. The choice is based on what sizes are planned to fish:

• So, trout weighing up to 700 grams is perfectly caught on bait, the size of which is in the range of 4-5 cm;

• For trout fishing weighing up to a kilogram, it is recommended to use spinners with a size of 7-8 cm in length;

• Trophy specimens are more likely to be caught using spinners 10-12 cm in size.

2. Weight spinners. The weight parameters are determined taking into account how far it is necessary to cast the bait, as well as the strength of the current and depth in the selected area for fishing.

• When fishing on the river with a moderate or strong current, it is recommended to use baits weighing 2-3 grams. Casting is carried out across the jet, wiring is performed with periodic jerks.

• On toll ponds with stagnant water, trout are successfully caught using micro-oscillators. The wiring is stepped or uniform at a slow pace.

3. Color spinners. Here, the choice is made as in the case of the turntable. Experienced anglers recommend always to have in stock lures of brown, gray, black, matte shades. In addition, trout and spinners of green, red and pink shades work great.

The best models of oscillating and rotating spinners for trout fishing

Today in fishing shops in a large assortment lures of various types are offered, the use of which allows you to successfully catch trout on rivers, lakes and paid reservoirs. Note the most effective lures from each category:


1. Worden's Rooster Tail are distinguished by the presence of plumage on the axis, if necessary, the hook is easily replaced;

2. Mepp's turntables work great for slow wiring. It can be noted models of the Aglia, Black Fury and Comet series;

3. The Blue Fox Flash Series lures feature a narrow lobe. The baits of this series are excellent in cases where accurate and long casting is needed.

4. Daiwa Silver Creek Spinner have an unusual design, which has a heavy core that allows you to perform long casts.

5. For fishing on the course, Myran Akka spinners are suitable. When wiring, the bait creates a lot of noise, which attracts not only an active, but also a passive predator.

Oscillating baubles

1. For shallow water, Daiwa Presso Rave spinners are excellent, with a weight between 1.5-2.5 grams.

2. Lures of the manufacturer SkagitDesigns PriSpoon series lures are stable in game when fishing in sections of the river with a strong current.

3. Bassday Kangoku Raptor spinners are used when fishing near underwater obstacles.

4. Forest Miu Native as accurately as possible emit the behavior of fry, which is the main food base of trout. Lures are able to attract the attention of even full fish.

5. In late autumn and early winter, trout can be successfully caught by Williams Wabler spinners. The bait works great when performing vertical wiring.