Summer perch

Perch in the summer, in the article we will analyze the popular methods of catching perch. We will take a closer look at spinning fishing (how to properly equip a spinning rod for catching perch in summer, which baits to use on summer fishing), a bobber, and a plumb line.

Catching perch is a gambling and interesting activity. It is important to note that this predator is deliberately caught not only by novice spinning players, but also by professionals, using different methods and the most different versions of artificial baits and rigs. Perch in the summer, bites even on hot days, however, provided that the places of predator accumulation are known, and the baits are correctly selected. It is to these questions that you can find the answers in our article today. First, we will analyze spinning fishing for perch in the summer, then on the float and in the plumb line.

Summer perch spinning

So, perch lives in almost all freshwater reservoirs, ranging from small rivers to large reservoirs and lakes. You can catch perch in the summer in any part of the reservoir, regardless of depth, since the predator can be both at a depth of more than three meters, and in a shallow bay . Most often, especially in the evening and morning summer hours, perch is located in the coastal zone, where it actively hunts for fry.

It is extremely rare to meet a trophy perch in the shallows in summer, since it does not leave deep holes, edges and prefers to be among snags, not far from flooded structures.

On the river, perch should be sought in quiet areas, or in areas close to the reverse current. Especially often perch is found near the shore if there is a fallen tree on the site, and the depth below it exceeds two meters. Despite the fact that perch belongs to the daytime predator, it is best to catch it early in the morning or in the evening . In the afternoon, the perch is also caught, but you will have to work hard to find it. On a large reservoir or lake, the place where the perch feeds can be determined by the accumulation of gulls above the water.

In summer fishing for perch, a stepwise or uniform wiring is selected with pauses of no more than three seconds . In large bodies of water, it is more convenient to catch perch from a boat, as a predator more often keeps during the day at a great distance from the coast, approaching it only at evening or morning dawn.

How to choose a spinning rod for catching perch

It is equipped with spinning based on what artificial bait is planned to be used by weight for catching perch. If you plan to catch more often using spinners and lures weighing up to 8 grams, it is recommended to opt for Light class spinning rods, while the test load should be in the range of 10-15 grams .

When catching perch with twitching wobblers, a fast and medium standing spinning rod with an upper test limit of up to 18 grams is suitable. If you use small spinners and microjig baits, then the Ultralight class spinning is an excellent choice (read about fishing perch for microjig here).

Regarding the length of the spinning, it is necessary to choose based on how you plan to catch perch, from the shore or from a boat. In the first case, it is recommended to buy a rod more authentic, in the second shorter. The ideal spinning length with which you can successfully catch both from the shore and from the boat is 2.1 meters . For catching perch in the summer from the shore on a large reservoir, a spinning option of 2.7 meters is perfect.

Reel and fishing line

When choosing a reel, it is important to consider the class of the rod on which it will be installed. For fishing perch, options with a metal spool of size 2000 are perfect . As an option, you can consider the ECUSIMA 2000 coil made by RYOBI, which is convenient and reliable. It is recommended that you wrap a braided cord around the reel spool.

Summer perch fishing lures

So, any version of artificial bait is perfect for perch, the main thing is that the size is small . Note the options for lures, as well as some models that are most effective:

Oscillating baubles

An excellent choice when fishing perch in the summer at great depths. Note that it is on the oscillators that the trophy perch most often comes across. Among the variety of models offered, we can distinguish: Toby spinner manufactured by “Abu Garsia”, “Mepps” cyclops-0 and the “ASME” castmaster. When fishing, stepped and uniform wiring is used.


The use of these lures allows you to catch areas on a reservoir of any depth with rare underwater vegetation. Posting is slow, uniform. The best spinners for summer perch are Blue Fox Super Vibrax and Mepps No. 00, 0, 1 and 2.

Silicone bait

Various rubber options are used (twisters, foam rubber, worms, vibro-tails). For catching perch, body length options are selected, which are within 1-2 cm . the equipment of the bait can be performed using various options and methods. When fishing, mainly stepped wiring is used.


For summer perch fishing on the shallows is perfect for poppers, in areas with a depth of up to three meters you can try to catch this predator on wobblers belonging to the “minnow” class. Wiring is performed jerkily or twitching . The greatest demand among fishers is in lures for Jaxon Little, Squad Minnow manufactured by Jackall, Tactic Shad from River2Sea. In fact, a huge variety of perch wobblers are offered today, so there should not be any problems with the purchase.

The main options for spinning snap for perch

Carolina snap

It is often used, its feature is that a twister or other silicone bait is mounted on a regular hook that is attached to a leash (length up to a meter). The sinker is installed on the main fishing line, the installation is sliding. (installation of Caroline equipment)

Classic jig

A silicone bait is used, which is mounted on an offset hook or lightweight jig head. In the first case, the hook is fixed with the main line through the cheburashka.

Moscow snap

The difference is that the sinker is attached to the edge of the main fishing line, the leashes are mounted 30 cm higher, if desired, you can use two leashes each 20-25 cm long. Twisters, vibration tails are used as bait.

Texas snap

This option is used when catching perch in the summer in the snag or if the section of the reservoir is heavily overgrown with grass. The bait is attached to the main fishing line with an offset hook, about 75 cm above it, through a triple swivel a retractable lead with a bullet-shaped sinker is attached.

Drop shot

The snap-in option is designed to spot the prospective site. The cargo is attached to the base of the fishing line above it at a distance of 25 cm, hooks (3-5 pieces) are attached, at a distance of 20 cm, installation is carried out without the use of lead material, that is, through a loop, the hooks are fixed to the main fishing line.

Catching perch in the summer requires many rules from the angler. It is important to pay particular attention to the size of the bait, as well as the angle at which it is fed. If everything is done correctly, success in spinning fishing for perch will be ensured. (installation of drop-shot)

Catching perch in summer with a fishing rod

Fishing tackle

Since the perch does not have much resistance, the fishing line can be used not the thickest, 0.2-0.4 mm is enough if fishing is carried out with float tackle.

The hook should be sharp and with a long forearm, as for size, 5 numbers are enough .

The length of the fishing rod is selected based on fishing conditions, but since the perch most often accumulates near coastal vegetation, it is enough to have a fishing rod with a length of 2.5 to 3 meters .

It is advisable to use the float from a goose feather, which is attached to the fishing line with a piece of nipple in the lower and upper parts.

The weight is fixed at a distance of 20 cm from the hook, its weight should be enough so that after throwing the tackle into the water, the float assumes an instantly vertical position and at the same time drowns by a third of its length.

The perch bite is sharp and strong, it is almost impossible to miss it, since the float abruptly goes under water. It is at the moment when the float completely disappears under water that a short and sharp cut is necessary . If after bait casting into the water for 5 minutes no bites occur, you should carefully lift the rod and tap on it with your palm.

Summer Perch Bait

In cloudy weather, the perch will ideally peck at worms, which he eagerly swallows as soon as they fall into the water. The bite is always sharp and strong.

To catch perch, you can use small fish (bait fish). It is best to get live bait in a pond in which it is planned to catch a predator. As live bait, you can use peskarikov, the top or the roach, the body length of which does not exceed 7 cm . It is important to note that when fishing for live bait, the bait can be captured not only by perch, but also by pike, therefore it is recommended to equip the tackle with a small tungsten or metal leash.

In addition to these baits, perch in the summer is perfectly caught on maggots, the cervical neck . If there is a desire to catch a large perch, then a small red leech, which, it is worth noting, besides a perch, a medium-sized carp can be tempted to work as a bait.

A small perch can be successfully caught on a bloodworm, which is mounted on a hook in the amount of 3-5 pieces. Perch also responds to grasshoppers, larvae of May beetles and dragonflies, but much worse than to a worm or bait and if these baits are present, the upper ones should be set aside.

Before embarking on summer fishing for perch, it is necessary to identify promising areas and find out at what depth the predator is currently located, we wrote about this a little higher. It is recommended that you catch a promising place from near to far . First, we cast the bait closer to the shore and gradually move on to performing long casts. It is important to note that especially large perch hunts only at the bottom, so bait should be served as close as possible to the bottom. When catching a perch on a worm, bait fish or other natural bait, you can feed the fishing spot.

Summer perch fishing in the plumb line

In summer, you can catch perch from a boat in a plumb line. For successful perch fishing, plumb rods up to one meter long with a very soft and sensitive tip of the rod should be selected . If there is no such fishing rod, then you can install on the tip of the rod a nod intended for installation on winter fishing rods with its help it will be possible to notice even the slightest change in the behavior of the bait.