Karasev trail

Report on fishing at the village pond. Crucian carp turned out to be trickier than bream.

Summer fishing is filled with sweet, quiet joy and the expectation of a simple miracle when at dawn the gray dew-meadows cut by a winding path suddenly end on the banks of a small river, in the warm water of which the scavenger splashes its soft tail and sparkles with delicate silver sparkles. No, no, and an impatient tail will strike the sedge and the river will immediately arouse. A swift track will stretch to the middle of the river, splash in different directions of the upper fry and hit the tail already in a gambling attack, which is likely to end in the capture of prey. And the green grassy little pike already goes into the thickets of the water lily, unfolding the roach in the mouth with its head forward. And again quietly on the river. Only the melter melts, letting quiet circles in the river water, already touched by the red light of dawn.

This pond in a small village filled up with crucian carp my uncle, Vasily. Having moved from the city to his country house, now, apparently, for permanent residence, he began to seriously settle down and did not forget about the district. At one of the ponds, in which he also launched crucian carp, local residents soon began to conduct competitions in fishing. Before that, these unpretentious to rural conditions fish that survived in the goose of Eldorado bred there. If you look at the goose flocks, which covered the water with a white veil and raise a terrible bazaar whine, then you understand that crucians are real extremes and survival champions, if you do not take into account bacteria living in boiling water near underwater volcanoes. Geese, moreover, scream neither light nor dawn until late in the evening, as if they were being slaughtered, so, I apologize, they also “poop” their entire large community directly into the water ...

But today we arrived at another pond. It is quiet and clean. Geese graze somewhere else. They left the car at the village, went down to the pond and began to settle down on its shore.

The sons have five meter long fishing rods. I have a six-meter, still fiberglass, heavy. Later, they would send me from St. Petersburg a lightweight carbon fiber beauty, also six meters long, but you hold her by the butt with one brush and don’t feel any kind of “strain”.

They sketched the bait, which I made from porridge according to the Salapin recipe, and the finished crucian mixture, it seems, “Delphi”. I did not become wiser with baits. After all, Karas is not a bream ...

But the crucian carp turned out to be trickier than a bream. On the fishing rods of the sons they took only rotan. I just pecked at crucian carp, and I came across some good specimens for a small pond - under three hundred grams.

Sons squinted, squinted, finally could not stand it:

- You’ll conjure, dad, ">

My inertia reels were light, already with fishing line. Such a stock is always needed. Put on fishing rods, added cargo to the fishing line and - go! Now the sons got the better of throwing me. And the result of distant casts became immediately visible. Every now and then sons dragged from the water the most diverse carp. Now even now, from time to time, I had to glance with a slight envy at my lucky fishermen ...

This village pond, of course, is not a reservoir of sport fishing. And the fish here is not particularly large, just by the standard of small village ponds formed by the same small streams and streams. A half a kilo Karasik is already a giant here. But, according to local residents, who always praise their places hotly, there are specimens on this pond and a kilo in weight. Even rotans are here a pound, as the patriots of their village warmly declare. Almost swear, telling wonderful stories of such captures of bull-calves weighing five hundred grams.

These stories irritated me so much that I came to this pond fully equipped, that is, I took a feeder with me, equipped as a picker with lightweight equipment. The result of fishing was a crucian carp of 800 grams in weight and a dozen less crucian carp.