Early April Fishing Report

Everything stood real winter, even in March, and was not going to leave. Spring came somehow at once: with a bright sun, warm winds and the first spring rains. How is it on ice? Going to the near river and a little uneasy. I remember how in the middle of winter, in January, around the bend near the former pioneer camp, I found a ravine. She was right in the middle of the river. When I returned by skiing in the evening, this ravine was already wider and dark spots of water crawled to my ski track.

The next morning I had to go the same way, because at the pioneer camp I left several bunkers for burbot. And the holes were thoroughly fed under the roach. When I approached the ravine, I saw that it was right next to the track. And it’s impossible to get around. There was water on the opposite shore. It is not known how the situation is. And here the track went right under the cliff. There is nowhere to move further. It was already so with me that only by taking an ice pick with us could we avoid the April bathing or worse. There was a strong current on that forest river. There was a trail along which we went to the burbot zherilniki every day, a well-groomed trail, strong in appearance. But it turned out to be a sham. I felt it, taking the ice pick. She, an ice pick, collapsed almost without a blow and immediately collapsed the surface of the path, and underneath it became visible the rapidly running black water. It is unlikely that the two of us could get out of this rapids.

Probably, there was no ice under the ski track anymore, but only the packed snow covered the ravine in the form of a trap. I didn’t check it, we swam, we know, and went back. He perched somehow on a high shore and walked around a ravine along the coastal edge.

But on the river, the very first hole showed that the ice is still quite thick. True, this hole showed that crystalline ice became on the river. Drilling it is easier, but only if there is no water in the hole. And that is understandable. Spring ice, as it easily collapses, and under the ice drill knives is not as resistant as in winter. And in raw ice with water and snow, the ice drill knives get stuck. Everything is as usual. Classic.

It was unusual that today I am on ice without zerglyami and even without a winter fishing rod with a nod and a mormyshka. I decided for the purity of the experiment to bring along a new fishing rod for lure and a few rattlins. All this I recently received in a package from an online store. And you need to urgently check, otherwise the ice, you see, will leave.

However, I soon regretted that I did not take a fishing rod with me. There was complete silence on the rattlins on the river, and there was a real storm, if we evaluate the strength of the wind. Met a fisherman at a winter tent. We talked. It turned out that he slept on the ice. Nearby there were girders with feeder bells on the flags. It was clear that at night they were wary of the burbot, otherwise you will not see the raised flag in the dark. But, neither day nor night did the predator take it. And it's on live bait ... And I'm here with rattlins not yet verified ...

At night, the fisherman also guarded the bream, but only small roach came across. Looking at the swaying trees along the coastal edge, we decided that everything indicates a change in weather, especially since the wind is east. And so it happened. At night, it began to drizzle, and in the morning the sky was covered with gray haze.

But it will be later, but for now I was wondering whether to go home ">

Review of fishing rods Akara HLC, HLTC

Oops! .. On one of the holes, a rattle with a high fin Akara Flipper 70 was stopped by someone. Hook "> Spring flood feeder

Bream fishing in early spring

Spring roach on feeder