Do not despair and do not swear

A story about dedicated men who find entertainment in ice fishing. And for the sake of this they give up all the benefits of civilization, lead a savage lifestyle.

The amazing thing is fishing

How many new things do you discover during your wanderings along the endless Volga distances, what interesting people you meet.

Well, I know for sure that pike are not a school of flocks. But when he saw how some individuals were catching it at the end of March from ice to girders, he began to doubt this truth. One spring, a friend and I had a chance to fish on the Volga in the so-called "Karachurin channel", this is below the village of Dubovsky. Once upon a time somewhere around the pier stood with the name "Karachurino. We lived in a dugout on an island. There were a great many such temporary shelters on the banks and islands of the Volga. Men from the summer built these winter roads, digging holes and covering them from above with a coast from logs. In some places, the walls were also equipped with poles made of young trees cut down nearby. Closer to winter, stoves were brought here and exhaust pipes were dragged through the roofs. A sort of bastions of goodness and prosperity, which provided shelter and refuge for the travelers lost in the endless Volga. Sometimes so many people crowded into them - you won’t push through. What is there to do? You can’t drive out the stiff fishermen in the cold, where there are long kilometers of snow virgin land to the nearest housing. The owners of the dugouts were naturally in a privileged position. They slept on the bunk. The rest - where necessary. Someone climbed under the bunk, laying a short fur coat and a plastic tent on the ground. Someone whiled away the night, sitting in a corner on a fishing box. And he was incredibly glad that he had found a warm corner among the icy Volga open spaces, where you could lean back on the wall and take a nap without risking freezing.

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But, closer to the topic

In the “Karachurin channel” at the beginning of spring, until the ice had melted, sophisticated citizens successfully caught pike on the vents. Every year, a former policeman with a young son also hunted here. From an early age, the kid was accustomed to fishing. Moreover, his offspring did this with pleasure, he was an independent and quick boy. At the age of twelve, he skillfully pulled fish from holes. Once, only in our memory, he shouted, summoning his father, when a hefty fish sat on a vent and he couldn’t pull it out on his own. He roared even with annoyance. The pike unwound the tackle, and he did not have enough strength to pull it back. Hand fishing line cuts. The smart guy wrapped it on a mitt and grabbed it tightly. Father ran up, pulled out, gouging a hole, a ten-kilogram monster.

Dad, unlike us, did not expect happiness from nature, he was actively looking for fish. There are no bites - I shot a couple of ventricles and moved them a dozen or two meters in different directions. If there was a bite, he rearranged several more zergniks in this direction. And so all day. Sometimes from one hole several fish were pulled out. I didn’t stay in place for a long time. I was looking for fish. He had two dozen zerlits. As if together with his son they caught, because so much. The norm was - ten zerzhnitsa per person. So, it seems, didn’t break anything. Although, to be honest, many anglers then put more. Ice in March is already loose, scours appear, fish inspectors on cars and snowmobiles no longer ride. And on foot they, especially, will not plod into such a distance. When meeting with law enforcement officers near the shore, if there are a lot of fish, you can joke that you lived on the island for two weeks and did not catch more than five kilograms a day. And witnesses are easy to find.

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The method of catching a former policeman did not inspire us

It is necessary to move all day, to drill new holes all the time. And the ice is about a meter thick ... So we, having arranged the ventricles, didn’t twitch much. They sat quietly and caught live bait for the future. For this, an active fisherman called us "summer residents", and we answered him with a "grabber" . He really always pike caught much more than us. But after you have completed a dozen and a half holes, the desire to search for fish somehow disappears. I don’t get caught - well, to hell with her. Because there is no more strength to work with a drill. It’s better to just wait, God willing - biting something.

After several days of such fishing and spending the night in the dark womb of the dugout, I wonderfully want to sleep. Especially if the weather is nice and the sun is warming. You sit over a hole in a box with a fishing rod in your hands and your prophetic eyes begin to stick together. The body is tilting to the side, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ll collapse in the wet snow. And I want homemade food. Although in the evening they cooked soup from concentrates on the stove, in the afternoon they ate dry food all the time on ice. And traditionally, fat was considered the best food for fishermen. It is high-calorie and stored well. Leaving for a long fishing trip, I took it per kilogram and even more (how quickly and tasty to make lard). Once, after a three-day struggle for survival in the Volga, we completely ran out of bread and other products. And we, chopping into small pieces, ate pure Hungarian salted pork fat. After that fishing, I could not watch lard for several months. You can’t eat a lot of it right away - it will make you sick. But, if necessary, little by little, during the day, you can feed the body. I won’t say anything about nutrition of the contents of the head. Because those who lead such a lifestyle have nothing to eat there. There seems to be one solid bone. Because a normal person will not tolerate deprivation and live in unsanitary conditions only in order to catch fish in his ear. One night on the dugout floor covered with old grass, under the bunks on which the more successful poor fellows sleep, which is worth it. From above all small rubbish is pouring on you, and the neighbor lying nearby starts yelling loudly in the middle of the night:

- Hair! Take your hair out of your mouth !!!

It turns out that he was waking up in the ear of a rabbit’s hat lying under his head, sucked in and began to choke. And now he spits in different directions, such a bastard.

There were funny nights

Once, in an old metal building carriage, standing on the shore, an extraordinary amount was crowded. Sleeping was not at all comfortable, because there was no place for this. The indestructible tribe of adventurers has spent the long winter night differently. Someone sitting on the floor, like an old dog at a booth, dozing shut his tired eyes. The merry company, having drunk the vermouth, and having “polished” the libation with the “triple” cologne, played cards for money. Their candle burned out and they lit a self-made lamp, pouring diesel fuel into a jar and adding a wick from a rag. This fiendish creature smoked like a tank burning on the battlefield. When the inhabitants poured out of the trailer in the morning, they looked like guests from the underworld. Draw such devils. Mugs of black from soot were wiped with fresh snow, and black saliva spat on coughing.

On the dark, one at a time, they tried not to go out. Allegedly eyewitnesses of terrible cases, scared wolves, which are not uncommon in the Volga open spaces, interspersed by snowy islands and canals. I also saw a few pieces in the early morning a few pieces, but quite far away. They didn’t let them near, especially since for the sake of fear, just in case, I pounded a drill with a metal scoop. Wolves are not fools. They probably know that man is the most dangerous beast, which is better not to get involved and bypass.

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Catching on girders, especially if there are a lot of them, is very laborious

This is not for you with a fishing rod at your pleasure, light, for example, to look for perch. Then some gear of a hell of a lot is recruited. Sleds are needed to drag it all. Having chosen a place for fishing, you become attached to it. You will not go far, even if the pike do not take. Rearrange gear on thick ice is extremely hemorrhoids. And not the fact that after this luck will smile at you. Fishing is a card game.

Somehow I put a dozen updated zergelits. Made them more "tender." I put a thinner fishing line, 0.4 mm instead of the usual 0.6 mm. Triple hooks replaced by "doubles." He removed the metal leads, limiting himself to a double fishing line. Live bait was very good - a small, measured patch. And not a bite. From morning to dinner, not a single zergelina “shot”. And after lunch, one familiar peasant appeared on the horizon. Shamelessly drilled a couple of holes near my vents, and set mine on them. And he sat down near to catch a trifle. Half an hour did not pass - his tackle worked. Hefty as an army flag, the bite signaling device jumped on a thick spring. The coil spun. The man quickly jumped up and fearlessly pulled the fish out of the hole. His fishing line was such that the horse could probably be pulled out of the water. He pulled out a three-kilogram pike, like a sprat from a can. I looked at his tackle and was stunned. The old Soviet long and thick metal leash almost did not bend. The triple hook was of such a size that you can probably catch marlin fearlessly on it. At the end of the leash, a tightly tied sinker from a railway nut. And the pike grabbed! And that day I didn’t catch anything, I left home empty. These are the facts of arbitrariness against the backdrop of universal passion aimed at catching large fish. As they say: to whom the pancake, to whom the wedge, and to whom just a shish.

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The main thing here is not to fall into despair and not swear obscene words

We must calmly and patiently hone our skills, learn from mistakes and carefully adopt the experience of others. Then, in the end, you will be lucky and the large fish will obediently hang on your advanced gear. And you carelessly and deliberately indifferently report your catch to all friends and acquaintances. And you will become happy.