Boiler fishing

Find a perch cauldron. Which bait to catch perch, and which can be immediately ruled out.

Finding a boiler perch in summer is straightforward

It’s enough to take a closer look at the surface of the reservoir in calm weather, and within ten minutes you can identify the places where the perch feeds. Sometimes it can be a dozen fry jumping out of the water, there may be a flock of yearlings or a breaker disturbed on the surface from a predator emerging in the upper horizon, or it may be a real perch cauldron in which water boils from an scattering fry and a predator hunting for it.

How is a perch cauldron formed?

Perch - a pack predator. Usually a flock consists of a dozen other individuals of the same size. Moreover, the larger the individual, the smaller the flock. Hunchbacks are an exception. They lead a solitary life, and if they form a flock, then there are no more than three or four individuals in it.

But sometimes several flocks come together to hunt together. This happens in shallow water. Having become an arc, the striped one drives the little thing aground, where it does not have the ability to leave the predator by vertical movements. An arch from the predator and the coastline closes the environment ring, and the perch begins to zhor. Of course, the whole fry cannot be knocked out; it passes through the ranks of the predator and hides at a depth.

But, after some time, the fry again comes to the surface to bask, and the process begins again. During the day, at one location, up to a dozen such boilers can take place.

Catching perch in the boiler

The cauldron is notable for the fact that it contains a priori an active predator. Although the boiler itself is fleeting and transient, in a few minutes you can catch a dozen other striped predators. Moreover, if the bait fell into the zone of the boiler and its size meets the requirements of a predator, then the bite will take place necessarily. And it doesn’t matter if it is live bait or wobbler, spinner or silicone bait.

Another question - the bait needs to be delivered to the boiler zone, and it moves, moreover, very quickly. Accordingly, long-range spinning and bait with good flight qualities will be required. Therefore, live bait and light surface wobblers can be excluded immediately. Unloaded silicone works well on spot fishing for perch among coastal vegetation, but it will not be possible to cast it over a long range. It is also irrational to surround silicone with a heavy jig head, because the main action takes place in the upper horizons. But you can certainly reduce the weight of the jig head, which will allow catching perch in the water column on accelerated wiring.

There are metal baubles. Moreover, the narrow-body oscillating baubles here are the favorites. They fly further than spinning baits, and in the boiler the increased catch of rotators does not play a role. Perch will capture everything that comes into view. Do not grab one, followed by the second fellow striped. The excitement leaves no time for thought. Zhor! And there’s not enough time to fill the stomach.

Autumn cauldron

With the advent of autumn, the picture is changing. No, perch does not cease to arrange boilers, but the approach to the issue is changing. All fishermen saw how a perch cauldron happens in the fall, but not everyone attached importance to it, and even hunting for a striped one, they passed this feast. This is because there is no habitual boiling water - the process takes place at depth and is hidden from the fisherman. But what happens is the victim of the perch. Here and there on the surface circles appear from the playing fry. And what do fry do on the surface ">

By the way, perch boilers in winter are also not uncommon

They occur in the usual summer places - in shallow waters. The inability to maneuver with gear deprives the fisherman of a chance to catch in the boiler, and to predict in advance the place of occurrence of the boiler is also unrealistic. At the same time, winter boilers are more compact. A flock of hunting perch in winter is not so numerous.

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