I caught him on a worm

A piece of the sun fell into the water, I caught it on a worm. Catching tench is a beautiful action. It's about trying to catch this wonderful fish - a splinter of the sun.

According to my observations, many anglers do not lure when fishing for tench. Just stupidly throw tackle in the overgrown sections of the reservoir, closer to the grass. Having planted a worm on a hook, they are waiting for a bite. Caught mainly from the bottom. I had two acquaintances of my grandfather who came to the pond with the first regional bus and in the morning they were quite successful in catching small molts. And later they switched to carp and carp, which pecked here throughout the day. They did not have patience, throwing fishing rods, they stubbornly waited for the line to find bait among the grass.

But tench can also be fed

Although this fish is not schooling, especially large, it leads a rather isolated way of life. But we must remember that having sprinkled the traditional storefodder, or even rolled clay balls with chopped worms and maggots, you will primarily attract the attention of more numerous inhabitants of the reservoir: roach, crucian carp, and rudd. They will be ahead of leisurely lines in the desire to feast on bait fastened on your hook.

Catch tench mainly in quiet water. In lakes, ponds.

A lot of it, for example, and in the stagnant old women of Vetluga. This fish, let’s say, is carnivorous. It reacts poorly to plant tips, although, in my memory, there have been cases of biting a large tench on spools of rye bread. But more often he prefers nevertheless a dung worm. When hunting small molts, they attach one worm to the hook. And if there is a hope to catch large fish, it is better to use a bunch of small dung worms. And a couple of pieces of them can be torn in half "for smell." Worms before fishing is not harmful to hold in the crushed stalks of garlic.

A bunch of worms - a universal bait for large fish

And it is not surprising if instead of the desired line on the hook there may be, for example, carp or large crucian carp. By the way, if there are pikes in the pond, then a bunch of worms can also tempt them. Especially small squint, who eagerly grab such a treat.

And as for bait, I came to the conclusion that it is best to use cottage cheese for this. When fishing on a fishing rod, it is simply scattered in small portions near the floats. And if your choice is a feeder, you can fill the feeder with cottage cheese. True, not at all reservoirs it attracts tench equally well, but the fact that the fish is not indifferent to it is unequivocal. It seems to me that another fish reacts less actively to cottage cheese.

So, my choice for fishing tench - cottage cheese and a bunch of worms

By the way, a large tench has never been able to catch a lot of bait. Two, three, maximum four pieces - this is a very good result. Well, this is not a flock of fish, because that's how it turns out. In addition, a large tench very rarely bites during the day . Better to catch in the early morning and evening at sunset. And in the afternoon it is better to switch to another fish.

The small link is more numerous and in depth, as a rule, does not climb. It is better to look for it in small sections of the reservoir. This fish generally loves places where the water is better warmed up and there is a lot of vegetation, and in the muddy bottom is full of all small water living creatures. Type of various crustaceans and larvae of mosquitoes and other insects. A large tench can be caught in shallow water, and in deeper places.

It’s necessary to throw gear directly into the grass. I do not mean cattail, but softer weed, such as arrowhead and hornwort. Well, if the bait lies at the bottom, and not hanging on the grass.

Lin, especially large, is extremely shy and careful

Therefore, when catching it, it is not recommended to make noise, you make a little noise - and write lost. A handsome man will leave and is unlikely to return. It is necessary to have a landing net on a long handle so that caught fish can be easily removed from the grass. The best bite is in warm, even hot, calm weather. In some ponds and maggots, this fish is caught, but a small line often bites on the larva of a cheese fly.

In general, fishing tench is a beautiful fishing

Imagine a quiet early summer morning. White dense fog. Sensitive red and white goose feather floats on the mirror surface of water. The smells of dew grass and lake freshness invigorate and refresh, as if Mother Nature had dipped your souls into the holy font of joyful being. And in the midst of this magnificence - you, not too lazy to get out of a warm bed darkly, in order to reach the cherished place by dawn. And the old raven, sitting on the top of a tall tree, in your honor breaks the pristine silence by the epic larynx cries.

Here, the float twitched slightly and abruptly went to the side. Hooking. And a large, strong fish begins to make pretzels in the water, sparkling with golden sides. Not in a hurry. We calmly bring closer and take the fish in the net. All! A piece of the sun swims in your cage, illuminating the secret corners of your soul with marvelous light. And you feel good. And joyfully live. Because there is such a lake in the world where, breaking away from worldly cares, you can easily talk with God about the most secret. Or simply, throwing a fishing rod, waiting for a bite, shut up and put in order your thoughts, torn by worldly vanity. And it will never occur to you that a tench can be caught a lot, for example, a whole bag, if you put the net. And you don’t want to wait for the catch on the shore with pants full of adrenaline, because a live fish inspector may come from nothing nearby.