How to make technoplankton

How to make technoplankton for catching silver carp. Dry mix recipe and necessary devices.

In recent years, on the ponds of our country began to actively catch silver carp for fishing. For this, special equipment is used, the so-called "Trempel". As a bait attachment, barrels of technoplankton are used. Hungarian-made technoplankton was the first to appear on the market, now the market is filled with products, both branded and self-made. One barrel of plankton dusts for one to two hours, so for standard fishing for 3-4 rods, a serious margin is required. If you plan to catch silver carp systematically, then self-production of technoplankton is a good option for saving money, and having improved the recipe for yourself, you will always be with fish.

What is required for the manufacture of technoplankton

For the manufacture of plankton, a special metal form is required, which is a regular piston. The mold must be disassembled so that a finished barrel of plankton can be removed. You can order this form from any turner, or you can just buy a finished one on the Internet.

An automobile hydraulic jack and a metal welded frame from a channel are also required. The higher the rated jack force, the better. Usually use 8-12 ton jacks.

There are many recipes for plankton mixes.

But the main components are usually the same. This is pea flour, corn flour, milk powder. The remaining ingredients are added at will, and successful recipes are kept secret. Below I will describe one of my working recipes.

So, we collect the lower part of the mold and prepare the mixture. Add one part of pea flour, corn flour, milk powder to the pan. Measuring capacity is an ordinary cup.

Pea and corn flour create the very nutritious dust that the silver carp feeds on. Milk powder creates a cloud of turbidity, attracting fish to snap. It remains to add flavorings. To do this, I use several different ingredients: a packaged dry bait mixture with a sweet smell, in the amount of half a cup, dry vanilla, flavor for dough. Working odors are vanilla, strawberries, raspberries, plums.

The listed ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the usual spoon is poured into the mold.

A piston is mounted on top and the mold is placed on the press.

Squeeze the dry mixture with a jack until it stops,

then, with a few strokes to the end of the form, we extract from it a finished barrel of technoplankton (photo 17, 18). Everything is simple and fast enough.

Properly made plankton should actively dust for one to two hours. Usually, in the presence of wind or current, the working time of one barrel is one hour, in standing water - two hours. You can check how your recipe works in a jar of water.

Catch the silver carp on your technoplankton, and NNCH.

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