Carp in October

The article describes how to properly prepare for carp fishing in the month of October. What tackles and lures are used for fishing. How to choose the right place for fishing and feed it. What determines the activity of carp in October.

The most difficult month for carp fishing is October, however, if you prepare for the process correctly, then there is a chance of catching trophy fish. The activity of the carp is affected by sudden changes in weather, in particular air temperature, constant changes in atmospheric pressure, as well as a decrease in food supply. In October, carp becomes lazy, but despite all this, it does not stop feeding. Therefore, in this article we will consider the main points that will help the fisherman stay with a good catch this fall month.

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Perspectives for carp fishing in October

In many respects, the success of fishing will depend on the ability to correctly determine the place for fishing. Immediately, we note that areas of the water area where carp were found in the summer and at the beginning of autumn are not suitable for fishing in October. Why? This is due to a sharp drop in temperature, as well as the dying and decay of underwater vegetation, which reduces the oxygen balance. All this makes the carp leave the coastal zones with a shallow depth, where he used to feed in the morning and evening hours throughout the summer.

If at night the air temperature begins to drop to the level of -3- -5 degrees, then the carp may even go into holes with a depth of more than five meters. The fish will begin to look for sites for wintering, it will rarely feed, and this is what complicates the process of catching it. However, if October is warm, then carp activity will be good. The fish will feed at a depth of 3-5 meters. Moreover, bites of carp are no exception during daylight hours.

The most promising places for carp fishing in October are areas with a sandy bottom, where there are sharp changes in depth, for example, access to the sandy reach from the pit. Also, carp will be found in backwaters under the condition of great depth, if the reverse flow forms in it.

Of course, it should be understood that even on warm days, the water in the pond cools faster. Therefore, in the second half of autumn, carp feed mainly in the afternoon, in the morning and in the evening it is very rare to catch carp. The carp prefers to feed in parts of the water area with a rocky or clay bottom, where it manages to find crustaceans, mollusks and other food nutritious for this time of year.

How does the carp behave in October

In October, biting of carp is not constant, starting from morning to noon, mainly small carp will be caught. Individuals of trophy sizes feed in mid-October more often after dinner, and then under the condition of warm weather. Carp practically does not bite at night in October.

Carp is particularly interested in food during this period. The fish will eat on rainy and cloudy days, in calm weather, the main thing is that the air temperature does not fall below the +7 degree mark. In strong winds, especially in the north, carp activity decreases sharply, it ceases to feed and rolls into deep holes, where it will wait out the weather.

The best time is early October. This is due to the fact that the weather on the street is still good, but the food supply in the water area is decreasing. That is, the underwater vegetation dies, insects and larvae cease to fall into the water. Thanks to this, the fish begins to show interest in baits that are used by anglers.

The worse the weather and the colder the water in the pond, the worse the carp will peck. In most regions, already at the end of October at the beginning of November, carp activity is approaching "zero", it moves less along the reservoir, most of the time it is in the wintering pit. It is difficult to catch in such conditions, you can count on catching carp, only if you can not only find the hole in which the carp stand, but you can throw the bait that is said under the nose of the fish.

What gears do carp catch in October?

So, in October you can use any options of donkeys, or long-range casting gear (bucket, classic donka, "nipple", feeder) in October. It is worth noting that a float fishing rod in mid-autumn, if used from the shore or a bridge support, is not effective, so this fishing tackle option will be left at home correctly.

When planning fishing for carp in October, it is important to understand that the water will not only be cold, but also clear, so the carp will not come close to the shore or another part of the water area if it feels danger, for example, hears the noise made by a fisherman, the rustling of reeds or reeds, during this period can also alert carp.

However, if there is a boat, then you can try to catch carp using float tackle. The main advantage in this case is the ability to get to any promising area of ​​the water regardless of its availability. In addition, with the help of a fishing rod, it is easy to cast the bait with maximum accuracy, and most importantly without creating noise.

And in conclusion, we note that regardless of the gear option, for fishing in October, you should choose equipment with a sliding installation. In addition, it is necessary to responsibly approach the choice of fishing line with respect to the color shade, which is done based on the fishing conditions. only if the tackle is correctly selected and configured will it be possible to count on the capture of trophy carp in October.

October fishing lures and baits

In October, the carp begins to simultaneously search for wintering places and eat more intensively. During this period, he tries to consume animal feed, which is rich in nutrients, but if plant food appears in front of him, he will not refuse it. Of course, during this period everything will depend on weather conditions.

In warm autumn days, carp will attract such plant food as: peas, cereal grains, canned corn, boiled potato dough. Experienced anglers recommend soaking these nozzles in milk, do not recommend using flavors with pungent odors, but recommend using fruit odors.

In cold weather, carp will be attracted by more nozzles of animal origin (maggot, bunch of bloodworms, worms, shrimp or crayfish meat). In autumn, and this concerns not only October, it is necessary to constantly experiment with baits, only this way it will be possible to find out what the carp will peck at today. It is necessary to change the bait once every half an hour, of course, in the absence of a bite.

October bait for carp

To carp fishing in October was as effective as possible, you need a good bait, which today you can buy inexpensively in a fishing store. Only its use (within reasonable limits) will allow not only to attract fish to the fishing point, but also to delay it in the selected area of ​​the water for fishing.

In the basic composition of the bait, regardless of whether the mixture is prepared independently or bought in a fishing store, it is recommended to add part of the nozzle, which is planned to be used in the fishing process. It is worth noting that bait based on only plant components is unlikely to interest carp in cold water, so do not be lazy and add bloodworms, worms or maggot into it, which will increase the efficiency and attractiveness of the bait mixture.

In addition, when preparing the bait, it will not be amiss to use various options for flavorings. It is recommended to use the following options (one to choose from): honey, dill, sunflower oil, hemp, anise.

Moisten the mixture only with water from the reservoir in which it is planned to catch carp. It is necessary to start feeding the fishing place at least one day in advance, starting feeding should consist of 2-3 kg, bait, during the fishing process, if there is no bite or weak bait, fishing points are fed 1-2 small balls in size. Experienced anglers advise mixing bait with clay, the presence of which will increase the density of the ball, this will be especially justified if there is a flow in the selected area.

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