Carp fishing "Method"

A very popular method of fishing for carp, which was called “method” by carpathians. This is a heavy feeder, which is included in the carp installation instead of a sinker.

The feeder itself is filled with a special mixture made from loose bait, and the leash with a hook is pressed into the bait or hangs freely. Numerous spring feeders designed to fill, as we say, with dough, are very popular with Russian fishermen. They call this method in different ways: both feeder, and spring fishing, and zakidok, and fishing with a feeding trough, not suspecting that this is all about the same "method" used by carpathians for a long time.

According to Russian fishermen, the longer the bait dissolves, the better. Therefore, they try to make it more viscous, especially when caught on the current.

Specialists carpfishing act a little differently - they use the usual bait, "bulk". The inscriptions “method” or “carp” on the packages will be your main clue, and carpathians almost always prefer colored bait, often red .

Another option is the use of granules (pellets)

Yes, it is the granules that can work perfectly in this case, and they are interestingly soaked: they are sprayed from the atomizer with aromatic compounds until the upper layer of granules softens.

From such moistened granules, rather dense lumps are molded around the sinker, they turn out to be quite heavy, hold their shape for a long time, due to which the equipment sinks to the bottom. But at some point the lump completely disintegrates due to the fact that the granules swell and greatly increase in volume.

In the mixture for fishing "method" use corn, sprouted wheat, mini-boilies, pellets of different sizes, add a lot of hemp.

Particular attention is paid to the formation of a lump around the feeder.

The leash itself is neatly tucked into the bait, but a small piece of the leash, hook and “hair” with a nozzle are left outside. Often the leash with a nozzle is not touched, it remains completely free.

However, the bait is not always at hand for the fisherman, specially designed for fishing by "method"

In this case, you can use the usual "bulk", but it is important to understand what properties a bait should have for these purposes. It must be viscous, since when you hit the water, a lump of a rather large mass should not fall apart. In addition, viscous bait is guaranteed to reach the bottom and will not dust in the water column, thereby attracting small things, etc. Finally, this method of fishing is often used when fishing on the current, and viscous bait should last longer, gradually eroding.

In view of the foregoing, bait marked “river”, that is, intended for flowing, “feeder”, most bream and carp baits for catching bottom fish species, are quite suitable for this fishing method.

Of course, not all baits available on the market may be suitable for fishing by the "method"

If the mixture does not meet the above requirements, then you can change its physical properties by adding binders to it - wheat and soy flour, milk powder, molasses, honey, some biscuits and more. The viscosity of the bait can greatly depend on the amount of water that we add when mixing it. It is necessary to add water in small portions, give the bait “get drunk”, pause.

On a relatively strong current, I would add clay or soil (by the way, the same British often use fine gravel), and quite a lot, up to half the volume.

On a strong current, a powerful current (for example, the Kuban River, the root Volga, etc.), flavored soils are used. For example, directly into the clay, you can enter the desired flavor or dip, a few granules, grains, mix everything thoroughly - and go! But do not forget that if you decide to use an already heavy sinker, and even cling to it with such bait, a critical load on the rod or fishing line can be created. Watch out for the dough indicated on the rod!

Yes, you can’t throw a snap with such a far

But, dear fishermen, for some reason we always want to throw away. But often the edge, dumps, pit and other “cool” places are much closer than we think.

You should not take more and throw further, because fishing is not a construction boat. And it will peck more often, and fishing rods with snap will be more intact.